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Bikes in the Valley: Rule Updates & Index Changes

Bikes in the Valley

Orient Express Racing
Bikes in the Valley

Rule Updates & Index Changes

Bikes in the Valley
SAE Outlaw Performance 60” Class
at June 15 BIV


$65 entry includes your pit pass

60” Max axle to axle with rider on bike

Wheelbase is subject to measure before and after each pass.

Weight Breaks (-5lbs tolerance)
Busa & ZX14
655 lbs minimum Bike & Rider

1000cc Based Bikes
545 lbs minimum Bike & Rider

Any Motor mods allowed.
Gasoline Fuel only

Index (for Handicap purpose)
9.00 (AH): All Motor over 50lbs minimum weight, with no frame mods.

8.85 (A): All Motor no frame mods

8.70 (AC): All Motor With Cut rails and/or short neck

(N__): Nitrous Bikes minus .40 from index

(T__): Turbo Bikes minus .50 from index

Subject to change before or after each event.
Above Letters must be displayed in front of Bike number and index displayed on Bike.

Qualifying based on quickest ET.
Pro Ladder based on qualifying.

This is an all out class, run it out the back. No one will be Disqualified for running quicker than the index. Index is for starting line handicap purposes only.

.400 Pro Tree
True Start if available
Deep Staging allowed at your own risk (starter will not hold the tree).

Bike and Rider must pass NHRA safety inspection conducted by each track and have NHRA License.

OEM frame, any Mods Allowed

Stock appearing upper front fairing and Tail required. Must have working headlight and tail light.

2” Ground clearance, subject to check before and after each pass.

DOT Tires

Aftermarket slider clutches prohibited.
All lockup clutches prohibited.

Bike must be self starting.

All Bikes and Riders must drive directly to the scale after every pass. No one can come in contact with bike or rider until weigh in is complete. If this isn’t done, the Pass is disallowed and Rider is Disqualified in elimination. If rider is disqualified in elimination, the opponent is reinstated as long the above is completed.

Please see NHRA rules. Must pass the tracks safety inspection. Bike is subject to inspection at anytime.

Post race inspection:
All Motor and Turbo Bikes are not allowed ANY nitrous components (i.e. nozzles, solenoids, bottles, nitrous lines etc.) on Bike whether it’s be used or not. Any Bikes receiving monies from purse or bonuses must pass post race inspection before receiving any money. If Rider/Bike does not pass inspection is subject to fines/suspension.

We are looking for sponsors to partner for 2019 BIV Season. Please pm Walter Houghtaling if anyone is interested.

Please help us get this class started, our goal is to get 8 bikes entered in next race and 16 entered at the final race. If you got a 60” or less bike, come try it out. All riders who join the points ($25) will be on the rules committee

Official Photographer: OnPoint Image


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