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Bikes in the Valley Welcomes Exoticycle Motorsports


Exoticycle Motorsports to payout #1 Qualifier!

 We are excited to announce that Exoticycle Motorsports will pay $65 to the #1 Qualifier (reaction time) at the Orient Express “Bikes in the Valley” races for the 2015 season in the Brock’s Performance Street ET Class.

 Exoticycle Motorsports, Inc. offers the highest quality, most innovative bolt on swing arm extensions and performance billet products on the market. Exoticycle has the tools and the experience to transform your bike into a super rocket that will blow away the competition. With a top of the line milling machine they can build almost any part you can imagine. Since Exoticycle is in competition and is currently ranked #1, there expertise translates into better products that will make your bike better.

 Admit it – you love speed. And so does Exoticycle Motorsports. You love the rush of adrenaline as it courses through your body when you twist the throttle, and defy the pull of gravity as you power through the gears at breakneck speed. Nothing in the world feels quite like it. Once you experience that adrenalin coursing through your body as the world flies by you, you’re hooked. That unique feeling takes hold of you – and you want more! And that my friends, is where Exoticycle comes in. That’s the reason they create some of the most awe inspiring parts that will take your motorcycle from good…to great. Visit the e-store to see just what they can do to make your bike handle, perform and outlast the competitions.

 Remember to support the company’s that support our sport when you can, and please take the time to thank them.

Thank You Exoticycle Motorsports!

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