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Bikes in the Valley Welcomes Vanson Leathers


Vanson Leathers to sponsor the Orient Express “Bikes in the Valley” Pro ET Class in 2015.  Vanson Leathers will not only contribute to the BIV year end points fund, they will be handing out $100 product certificate to the winners and $75 product certificate to the runner ups in both Vanson Leathers Pro ET Class and Brock’s Performance Street ET Class at each event all season.


 Vanson Leathers with No Compromises in the quest for excellence and perfection never ends.  Vanson continue to create a new standard with every Vanson Product.  Every Vanson product is as unique as your own bike.  Vanson workers make sure that your jacket has the fit and the finish that will distinguish you from the crowd. Perhaps that is why you can spot a Vanson garment in a crowd of hundreds. And, Vanson will continue to make the most innovative and unique products for years to come. Your investment in a genuine Vanson will make even more sense in 10 years: you’ll still be wearing it! That is what Vanson calls “heirloom quality” garments. That is the heart and soul of Vanson. From Race Track to The Street, Motorcycles racing is a great proving ground for any motorcycle product. If it can withstand the punishing rigors of the race track it will provide years of enjoyment on the street.

Every Vanson garment has passed this critical “track test”. There is only one grade of leather that Vanson uses: Competition Weight Leather of there own special tannage. Some of the other guys say that’s what they use, but a micrometer and abrasion testing would prove otherwise! Put on a Vanson leather and feel the weight of the Top Grain Cowhide and the graceful geometry that makes a Vanson unique. Vanson sweat the details. That’s why, everyday, the worlds top riders and club racers put their faith in Vanson Leathers.

Vanson thinks you should feel the same confidence on the street that the professionals feel on the track.  Please remember, support the companies that support our Series, buy there product when you can, and least take the time to thank them. Thank them right here if want, and please Share.

Thank You Vanson Leathers!!

Check them out at

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