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Bikes in the Valley : July Race Results

Bikes in the Valley

Orient Express Bikes In the Valley
MPS Racing and Kinry Excavation Summer Fest
Lebanon Valley Dragway
July 22, 2017

Bob & Ben & Bodine, OH YEAH!

Over seventy racers made first call at the Orient Express Bikes In the Valley event on Saturday July 22nd at Lebanon Valley Dragway in beautiful upstate New York.

Joe “Mountain Man” DiPeitro (CT) got his new GS program going with a Number 1 Qualifier in Pro ET and a Round 3 finish in Vanson Leathers Pro ET.  Joe laid down a trip-zip perfect light for the MTC Number 1 Qualifier bonus in his other stack gave him a wicked big smile.

Ken Thiedeman (NJ) continued having fun at Lebanon Valley with a Number 1 Qualifying trip-zip light in M2 Shocks Street ET on his beautiful blue ZX14.

Kevin Manchester (CT) had Low ET in DME 9Below @ 8.00 and later got into the sevens.

Kim Kiniry (Kiniry Excavating, NY) poured in some extra $$ for the race along with Vanson M2 , MTC, Vantine, WWB, MPS, DME, CycleDrag and Orient Express.

25 Gladiators responded for the call in M2 Shocks Street ET. Ben “Sleeping Under the Stars” Knight (VA) got the BAMF points over Bob Carlson.

42 Pugilists duked it out for the Vanson Leathers Pro ET belt. Tweezer Bodine took out Big Bob Carlson for the $850 prize on his mud skipper.

Ben “Cute” Knight won DME 9Below over Ed “Coffee Man” Hughes.

Matt Silva from Vanson Leathers was in the house taking orders and names.

Next Bikes in the Valley races is at Lebanon Valley Dragway on August 25, 2017. This event includes a Night Test session and Gamblers Race!  NO SNIVELERS


DME Racing 9 Below
W – Ben Knight
RU – Ed Hughes
#1 Qualifier – Ken Thiedemann


Vanson Leathers Pro ET
W – Jeff Tisdale
RU – Bob Carlson
#1 Qualifier – Joe “Mountain Man” DiPeitro


M2 Shocks Street ET
W – Ben Knight
RU – Bob Carlson
#1 Qualifier – Jeff Tisdale


photos by On Point Images





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