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Bikes in the Valley : June Race Results

Bikes in the Valley

Orient Express Bikes In the Valley
Lebanon Valley Dragway
June 10, 2017

June Race Results

It was a Black and Blue bike brawl for BIV and BAMF points @ Lebanon Valley Dragway (NY) Saturday, June 10 2017!

Bob Carlson (CT.) Was the big winner on his Black ZX-14. Bob won OPI 9Below on the .400 Pro Tree and M2 Shocks Street ET on the Full Sportsman Tree. Bob utilized skill and patience to capitalize while competing on the 2 different trees. Bob was also the #1 Qualifier in M2 shocks Street ET and grabbed the World Wide Bearings Bonus. .014

T. Link claimed the #1 Qualifier Bonus in Vanson Leathers Pro ET. He used his Orange (and Black) Harley VRod and a trip zip .000 reaction to get the #1 Qualifier.

It was all Blue Kawasaki ZX-14’s in the Vanson Pro ET final. Ken Thiedemann (NJ.) put a light on Gary Russell (VT.) and ran 8.98 letting off for the win. Ken pocketed $760 and Gary $330. 36 bikes entered Vanson Leathers Pro ET’

In M2 shocks Street ET Big Bob Carlson on the Bad Black ZX-14 cruised to victory when Keith Corriea fell asleep on his stock appearing Gen 2 Busa. Bob had extra cheering support from his 2 Grandbabies in the house. Bob won $525 and Keith $240

Tom Galligan (RI.) grabbed the Vantine Imaging #1 Qualifier Bonus in OPI 9Below running 8.21 on his Black Suzuki Car Tire Dragbike.

The OPI 9Below final was contested by 2 Black Kawasaki’s. Ed Hughes (MA.) on the Black KZ powered car tire dragbike vs. Bob Carlson Black ZX-14 street bike. Bob had a great .006 reaction time on the Pro Tree.

Ed brokeout by .001 in a close and exciting final. Bob added $660 to his pile, Ed $235.

Bob showed the grandbabies how it’s done. 2 wins, a #1 qualifier, 4 Bamf points and over $1200!

Next BIV @ LVD is July 22, 2017


DME Racing 9 Below
W – Bob Carlson
RU – Ed Hughes
#1 Qualifier – Tom Callahan

Vanson Leathers Pro ET
W – Ken Theidemann
RU – Gary Russell
#1 Qualifier – T. Link



M2 Shocks Street ET
W – Bob Carlson
RU – Keith Correa
#1 Qualifier – Bob Carlson

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