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Bikes in the Valley : Results from Season Opener

Bikes in the Valley

Results from Season Opener

 The first Orient  Express Bikes in the Valley event, the Ronnie’s Cycles Spring Opener,  could be summed up in one word,  #tylerstrong.  


One of our 2nd generation BIV racers who comes to every event and races with his dad, was critically injured in a car accident and remains in the hospital  with a long road ahead. Our thoughts and prayers were with the D’Anthony family on this day.

Vanson Leathers

In Vanson ProET,  Roxanne Ferraro  grabbed the MTC #1 qualifying cash of  65$ with a .005 light on her Suzuki 1000.

Vinnie Cianci made the drive up from New Jersey and grabbed the JBT Performance #2 qualifying cash of 25$ with a .009 light.  

Mike McCarthy was the Vantine Nitrosports Quick ET in Vanson Leathers Pro ET with a 8.15 ET.

In Pro ET it was Adam Rutkauskas winning his first ever race on his Suzuki GS 1100 over veteran racer Lou Supcack.  Adam was ready with a .005 light in the final and couldn’t be beat. Congrats to Adam!

Click here to download full results for the Vanson Leathers Pro ET class in PDF.

Brocks Performance

In Brock’s Performance Street ET it was Garret Murphy with a.002 light grabbing the Exoticycle  #1 qualifying cash of $65

Duke Huyck was glad to take JBT performance #2 qualifying cash of $25 with a .003 light.

Mike Sweeney Jr was the DME Racing Quick ET winner for $60 at 7.80 on the Nadeau Brothers Hayabusa.

In Brock’s Performance Street ET eliminations it was Duke Huyck on his Zx-14 over Paul Anderson on his Suzuki in the finals.

Click here to download full results for the Brock’s Performance Street ET class in PDF.


The racing was good, the competition was great, and the giving was outstanding!        


Donations to #TylerStrong

  • Duke Huyck – all winnings
  • Adam Rutkauskas – $150.00
  • Mike McCarthy – all winnings
  • Mike Sweeney Jr – all winnings
  • Paul Anderson – all winnings
  • Matt Carpenteri – all winnings
  • Vinny  Cianci – all winnings
  • Biv Stickers and Hat cash
  • Marino and Streaker donated stickers
  • Money from #tylerstrong stickers
  • Kelly at OPI support and photos

Over 1700$ was raised for Tyler and D’Anthony family in this time of need.


Bikes in the valley may not be the biggest motorcycle drag racing series in the country but the hearts of the riders and their families says a lot about the people involved in our wonderful sport. Special thanks to all the people who help make BIV great our sponsors

 Next event is  May 28th, Sponsored by Kinry Excavation.

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