BPR: Belo Pollock Racing Formed for the 2018 Drag Racing Season

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BPR: Belo Pollock Racing Formed for the 2018 Drag Racing Season

As some of you already know, I sold my Hayabusa mid-season last year to focus on my new motorcycle dealership in West Palm Beach, FL and to take some time away from the track. Although it looked good on paper, that plan didn’t work out all too well.  Jonathan Pollock reached out to me and said, “You can’t take time off racing, especially since I wanted to buy your original bike. I want you to build another one with me.” We agreed to form a partnership for 2018 and create “BPR,” Belo Pollock Racing. We are in the process of building our all new Hayabusa for the 2018 Race Season. The plan right now is to focus on the new XDA series, some larger paying races with Richard Gadson as the rider and Jonathan himself will be riding the bike at plenty of local events in the NJ/PA area. To help me stay at the dealership more Jonathan will be keeping the bike and handling getting it to and from the track for us.

The build will be a very similar setup as my previous bike with some minor changes. We will have the Adams Performance killer 1441 all motor package filled with the best parts on the market from Web Racing Cam Shafts and CP & Carrillo. The engine management will once again come from AEM with the Infinity ECU controlling the tune up and the CD7 dashboard getting us the information we need. The suspension will be set up with a DME swingarm, Adams Lowering Links, and a custom shock from M2 Shocks. The entire bike, engine, and transmission will be rolling on Worldwide Bearings and the brakes will be handled once again by Beringer Brakes. Ryan Schnitz will handle the full custom wiring harness along with the dyno tuning of the Adams 1441 on methanol. We wanted to make this bike a little lighter so the entire body set, subframe, airbox, and fuel tank will come from Montgomery Motorsports in all carbon fiber. The goal will be to run in the 7.80’s and be as consistent as the previous bike was… hopefully even better.

“I am excited to have Jonathan as a partner in this deal for 2018 and I know I would miss being around the track and racing. To have him get the bike to and from the track and I be able to fly in and out will be a huge relief” said Belo.  “Being located in Florida, the drive is just too far and accounts for two more days that I wouldn’t be at my store. I love putting the bikes together since I don’t ride and this one will be awesome.”

“What can I say, what Mike and Richard did on his previous bike was amazing. I let his old bike slip out from under me, so I had to get him to build another one” said Pollock. “I know Mike will put together another super clean bike that runs the number every time and that’s what I am after for myself and Richard. We will see everyone in the lanes in April”

This project couldn’t happen without all the help of the best sponsors in the business. Jonathan and I would like to thank AEM, Montgomery Motorsports, Adams Performance, CP Pistons, Carrillo Rods, Beringer Brakes, Web Racing Cam Shafts, Worldwide Bearings, DME Racing, Premier Powersports, 1 Stop Speed, Dragbike.com, Fragola Performance Plumbing and Knight Marketing Group.

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