Brad Gott Report from NHDRO Motorcycle Madness

Had a great weekend of racing in Muncie IN. at NHDRO Motorcycle Madness Round 2.

Saturday, we didn’t qualify well in StreetFighter with a 9.78 in the 9.50 index class.

As for the Crazy 8’s class we choose to not take qualifing passes since we were going rounds
in Sreet ET, knowing that would place us at the bottom of the ladder.

Brad Gott

In Street ET,
1st round we took the win at the tree with a .058 rt. to a .273 and run 9.544 on 9.20 dial
2nd round was also won at the tree due to a Redlight, we ran a 9.166 on a 9.20
3rd round we won running a 9.202 on a 9.18 dial with a .029 rt.
4th round we won off the throttle with a 9.632 on a 9.18 dial
5th round won by Redlight running out the back a 9.106 ona 9.18 dial
We lost in the Semi’s due to a Breakout, running a 9.093 on a 9.11 dial

Sunday went about the same,
In Crazy 8’s
1st round we took the win, taking out #1 qualifyer with a 8.904 on the 8.88 dial
2nd round I went red by -.010

In StreetFighter
1st round won on a double breakout, running a 9.324 on the 9.50 dial
2nd round I lost breaking out running a 9.475 on the 9.50 dial

Brad Gott

Street ET

1st round we won by redlight running it out the backdoor 8.919 on 8.98 dial
2nd round we won on a double breakout running a 8.900 on a 8.91 dial
3rd round we won running a 9.011 on a 9.00 dial
4th round we won running a 9.017 on a 9.01 dial
5th round we won running a 9.008 on a 9.00 dial
We lost in the Semi’s breaking out running a 8.947 on the 9.00 dial

I would like to thank my Dad and OSR Racing for all their help this weekend, Muncie Dragway for all their efforts on an Awesome track
and NHDRO for a great event.