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Brad Head Slims Down and Steps Up

Brad Head slims down and steps up

Brad Head Slims Down and Steps Up

Words and photos by Ivan Sansom & Rose Hughes

A new entrant for 2024 in the FIM-E Super Street Bike field is the UK’s Brad Head. The Basingstoke resident has previous at international meetings, having taken the NitrOlympX Super Comp Bike trophy in 2023, but will now be looking to step up as JKE Race Works team mate to Jake Mecheall.

“I’m absolutely loving my move up to SSB so far this is something I’ve dreamed of doing ever since I was a little boy so to be living it now is something so special to me! The first meeting [at Santa Pod at the end of March] was a tough one due to big upgrades in the winter to the bike at JKE Race Works and myself losing 7 stone over the off season so trying to get to grips with the whole thing while also trying to push on the limit was a real challenge but a good one and one I relished as I’d realised what I was taking on this year. The Festival of Power [again at Santa Pod at the end of April] went far more how I hoped this year would go with Big PBs on most runs ending in a string of 7.5s runs with still plenty more to come as we had trouble getting into 5th and 6th gears all weekend, but we went away feeling very happy with what we achieved and a good game plan for the rest of the year!”

“Looking forward to the Main Event and my first FIM event once again this will be a dream come true for me to run at one of the biggest events in Europe is another dream come true and one I look forward to really start leaning on the bike a bit more now we have a good understanding of how it handles. The engine is currently with Jake at JKE going for a full refresh so we are 100 percent ready to compete a whole FIM tour this year I’m thoroughly looking forward to going to new tracks and hopefully keep improving my PBs through the year!”

All this doesn’t happen of course without a great back up which Brad duly acknowledges.

“I’d like to thank the following for supporting and sponsoring me this year I could not do it without them!

  • Jake Mecheall / JKE Race Works
  • Kathy Taylor
  • Colin Millar and Lyn Purvis
  • Robin Read
  • Jamie Royal / Vigil

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The FIM-E Main Event takes place at Santa Pod Raceway, England, May 24-27, 2024.

2024 FIA/FIM Main Event

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