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Brendan Miglionico Builds an Extreme Crisis

Brendan Miglionico Extreme Bike

Brendan Miglionico Builds an Extreme Crisis

2020 Suzuki Hayabusa ‘The Crisis’

In 2019, the Australian motorcycle drag racer decided he was ready to take the next step in performance and began building a six-second turbo motorcycle for the Extreme Bike class.

About Extreme Bike: This class represents No Bar vs Pro Mod vs Pro Stock Motorcycle concept style bracket.

“The whole idea of this bike was to do it right the first time around. In the beginning, I spoke with Leonard of Azzopardi Racing about how I wanted to build a six-second no-bar motorcycle and how to plan such a build, ” stated Miglionico. “And it didn’t take long to get a plan underway.”

The first order of business was setting up a roller that included components made by Azzopardi Racing.

  • Shorten front shocks
  • Short neck
  • Offset triple clamps
  • Radial Calliper Conversion
  • 16in Front Wheel Axle
  • Chromoly Swingarm

Next was to get the bodywork for this monster, and seeing how I wanted to sit as low as possible, there was one option.  We had to copy Leonard Azzopardi’s Extreme Bike and bodywork made by IM Composite.

Brendan Miglionico Extreme Bike

To get a handle on the rear, I purchased the best shock on the market, M2 Shock with fantastic customer service.

Brendan Miglionico Extreme Bike

Now with a completed roller, it was time to fit a motor and start fabricating custom performance parts around a custom-built Turbo by Hi Spool Industries utilizing a GFB Wastegate for smooth power delivery.

Brendan Miglionico Extreme Bike

Miglionico then fabricated his own ‘one-off’ plenum and exhaust to his system.

Brendan Miglionico Extreme Bike

Azzopardi Racing also made the mechanical fuel pump, oil pan, air assist clutch then assisted Miglionico in setting up the front rack outfitted with a fuel tank, water tank, dash, battery, and fuse box.

Brendan Miglionico Extreme Bike

Next was more details with plumbing the fuel, oil, air, and water lines with Raceworks.

Leonard Azzopardi wired and tuned the last of the mounted complements; MaxxECU, solenoids, shock travel, and laser ride height.

Brendan Miglionico Extreme Bike

Dsportz Autokraft skillfully handled the painting and repairs, and Miglionico personally designed and installed the graphics.

Brendan Miglionico Extreme Bike

The motor was rebuilt by teammate Darren Foley who owns Rams Head Services which includes their CNC head with all the fruit so it makes enough horsepower to reach my goal.

Brendan Miglionico Extreme Bike

In April of 2022 he debuted ‘The Criris’ and ran a personal best of 8.20 at 180 mph with a very soft tune, and won in Extreme Bike! By August, he was down to 7.16 at 197 mph.

And now he has kicked off the 2023 season, earning a runner-up finish at the NSW Champions Series in Extreme Bike. With a best of 7.16 at 199 mph, we will be working to crack into the six-second zone and break that 200 mph barrier this season.

Brendan Miglionico Extreme Bike

Miglionico’s next outing is July 1, 2023, with the Grudge Kings at Sydney Dragway.

Grudge Kings -Brendan Miglionico Extreme Bike

“This project would not have been possible without my friends Leonard Azzopardi and Darren Foley! This bike is a dream to ride; now it’s up to me to learn what I need to do to achieve my goal.”

Brendan Miglionico Extreme Bike
photo by Outlaw Images

A massive thanks go to all the people and companies that have helped me make this project happen.

Brendan Miglionico Extreme Bike
Photo by Cackling Pipes

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