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APRIL FOOLS : The Bandit is Back!

Brock Davidson Suzuki Bandit

Brock Davidson, the first rider to record a seven-second run on a streetbike, has announced that he is taking his historic barrier-busting machine out of retirement to enter it into competition.

The bike is a 1997 Suzuki Bandit.  At the time of the “Streetbike Shootout” race in which Brock cracked the seven-second barrier, the Bandit seemed like an odd choice, while most of the competition was campaigning sportbikes like the Suzuki GS, GSXR and Hayabusa models or Kawasaki Ninjas.  Besides the bike’s big 1200cc motor, Brock saw something in the bike others had missed – its chassis geometry and upright riding position gave a more positive weight transfer to the rear wheel thus allowing harder acceleration.

This insight allowed Brock to garner one of the most coveted performance barriers in Motorcycle Drag Racing, when he ran 7.97 on his nitrous injected Bandit at Rockingham Dragway in May of 2000.

Brock Davidson Suzuki Bandit

Now Brock feels rules and technology have converged to allow the Bandit not only to be competitive, but to be record-setting once again.

Brock will run the bike in the IDBL’s Pro Street class where he will take advantage of a little-known rule that allows nitrous oxide, as well as superchargers, to be combined on pre-2000 motorcycles.

Brock Davidson Bandit

“I had the idea when I was doing the press coverage for the Kawasaki H2,” stated Brock.  “Superchargers are becoming stock items on production motorcycles which means the technology has become compact and reliable. These advancements will become commonplace in almost all race classes, much like fuel injection did years ago. I want to stay ahead of the curve.”

Brock Davidson Suzuki Bandit

Brock is extending the wheelbase to 70 inches and making other changes including the addition of BST carbon fiber wheels and his patented TiWinder exhaust.

Brock feels performances in the 6.80 range will be easily attainable, {especially given the amazing 6.55@ 225 MPH no wheelie bar-bar run at 75” by Joey Gladstone last year during the finals

What to do after putting the motor back in the bike… well a burnout of course!

While the move to change the face of Pro Street racing may seem like a major goal, Brock has bigger things in mind – specifically the NHRA’s Pro Stock Motorcycle class.

Brock and some unmentioned OEMs have been in secret negotiations with NHRA officials to move the Pro Stock Motorcycle class forward by allowing a new generation of bikes and technology to race in the class.

“Originally we pitched the idea of an entirely new class for NHRA national events that don’t run Pro Stock Motorcycle,” said Brock. “We were absolutely shocked when they asked if we would be interested in running in the PSM class.”

NHRA is making a big push to get more OEM involvement in the Pro Stock Motorcycle class, as evidenced by them recently fast-tracking the new Victory Gunner and EBR 1190RX bikes into competition.  Allowing wholesale changes to the rules may be a way to attract companies like Honda, Yamaha, BMW and even Ducati to the class.

Brock Davidson Bandit

While there are major barriers to overcome, Brock sees the new bikes competing as early as 2016.

“We were absolutely adamant that our bikes be allowed to run any combination of power-adders including superchargers, turbochargers and nitrous injection,” he said. “They said the only stipulations would be that we would not be able to run wheelie bars and be required to run smaller rear slicks. As long as we could get the wheelbase extension we are looking for, I think we can not only be competitive, but also win.”

Brock foresees performances in the 6.70-6.80 range at a stout 215 mph.

“We think this would make for some tremendous racing,” said Brock.  “The current wheelie-bar bikes would get the jump off the line but our vastly more powerful streetbikes would hunt them down and peel their paint on the top end.  We feel it would bring a new fan base and some much needed entertainment value back to the class, especially for the younger generation. After all, how many gray beards and black t-shirts can the stands hold anyway? We might need to sandbag a bit at first, but whatever. The current factory team seems to have as much power in reserve, whenever they need it, it’s a little sickening sometimes… let’s see what happens when they get a taste of their own medicine. I’ll bet there are some fans in the 1000 ft club who would pay twice the cost of admission to watch Richard Gadson wheelie past Eddie Krawiec on a 600 HP supercharged Ducati!”

Brock is going all-in, get more details at www.prostockbrock.com.


 Brock Davidson on his 7 second Bandit back in 2000

Brock Davidson Suzuki Bandit

Brock Davidson Suzuki Bandit



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