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April Fools : Brock’s New Nitrous Destroyer – The BrockCharger

Brock’s Performance is pleased to announce their new line of turbochargers

BrockChargers are made for most models of commercially-produced motorcycles.  There is one for every application. Prices start at only $12,999 for a Honda Grom base kit (available in June). 

Systems for adult-size sportbikes are significantly higher. The Bagger system will be available at the end of April, with sportbike systems to follow. (See pricing on next page.)

The move into turbocharging marks a shift for Brock’s Performance from nitrous oxide injection, which the company has promoted for years.

Surprisingly it took Brock’s Performance owner, Brock Davidson, almost two decades to move on from nitrous following his series of disastrous nitrous explosions during AMA/Prostar Formula SuperBike competition in the late 1990’s.  One explosion was so bad it reportedly blew his hand off. While that is an exaggerated rumor, the finger implants have been cumbersome over the last five years. 

“I used to think nitrous was for real men,”  said Davidson.  “I pity the fool who deals with that crap.”

The Brock’s R&D department has been working secretly on this project for the last year with on track and dyno testing. And while mapping and testing is a normal process when installing turbos,  Brock has reportedly found the ‘SecretSauce’ in Turbocharging to eliminate mapping and dyno tuning.



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“You can forget about mapping and all that stuff,” continued Davidson.  “Just strap one of these bad boys on and blow the doors off everybody. Our BrockChargers are built utilizing a Turboencabulator I designed in my secret lair, they are 100% Bolt-on and Go!”

This also marks a switch in philosophy for Brock’s Performance.  While in the past there has been a focus on all-motor combinations and nitrous injection, now it’s “all turbos all the time” and “nothing but turbos.” With this change in strategy, Brock’s Performance will significantly shrink their line of performance exhausts. So order them now while you still can! 

“We are going to reduce our exhaust line to two different styles for five models of bikes,” stated Davidson. “The end is near.”

Citing EPA laws, the new turbos and control units will be produced in Madagascar and require the buyer to pass a test before purchasing. “We can’t let just anyone run around with this sort of power,” stated Brock. “Owners of BrockChargers must be capable of handling the Stupid Fast.” 

These are ground-up designs using Prefabulated-Amulite which, because of US environmental laws cannot be used for manufacture in this country,” explained Davidson.  “The laws are forcing jobs out of the country.”

“Working with foreign countries is much easier anyway,” continued Brock. “You just give some foreign official a ‘tribute’ in cash and you’re good to go!”

Ironically the turbocharger line for Harley-Davidsons will be called AmeriChargers.  The price for AmeriChargers will start at $39,999.  Bike not included.

CLICK HERE to be added to the Pre-Order list and start working on the written test.

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