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Brock’s Performance: 2020 BMW S1000RR Clutch Conversion Kit

Brocks Performance

2020 BMW S1000RR Clutch Conversion Kit

A wise racer once said, “Power is nothing without control.” In stock wheelbase drag racing applications, these words have never rung more true.

The 2020 BMW S1000RR is certainly a powerful machine, and when Brock finishes prepping it for the Super Stock drag racing class, it will surely be a force to be reconned with… but alas, the bike has an issue from the factory that prevents smooth dead stop launches. The trend in the industry towards ‘assist’ clutches makes the OEMs happy because sufficient clamping force can be applied to the clutch pack without a harsh pull at the lever as a result of mechanical advantage, while also allowing a ‘slipper’ clutch action to help prevent wheel hop under aggressive downshifts. Unfortunately, this ‘assist’ design does not allow the rider to slip the clutch properly to obtain the quickest ET possible at the drag strip… so what now?

Brock teaches a masterclass in motorcycle clutch theory, maintenance, and tuning for performance while installing a Brock’s Performance Clutch Conversion kit in his buddy T’s 2020 S1000RR in his easy to follow style.

Video timestamps:

0:00 – Video introduction and overview
2:40 – Discussing stock horsepower and restrictions
5:03 – Prepping for clutch conversion kit installation
7:48 – Removing clutch cable and clutch cover
10:12 – Removing and inspecting OEM assist clutch
12:33 – Removing OEM clutch hub nut and clutch pack
15:04 – Rearranging clutch pack and discussing stack height
18:07 – Discussing clutch location and dry clutch plates
19:37 – Removing and replacing clutch spring studs
22:17 – Assembling and Installing inner basket and clutch mod
25:40 – Oiling and installing clutch fibers and steels
29:40 – Discussing adjustable clutch spring pressure
33:57 – Installing pressure plate and clutch springs
36:30 – Aligning and installing OEM clutch cover
39:56 – Reconnecting and adjusting OEM clutch cable
42:56 – Installing replacement clutch cover bolts
45:14 – Video conclusion and what’s next?

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