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Brock’s Performance Announces BrockCard Credit Card and BrockPay App

2023 BrockPay April Fools

Brock’s Performance Announces BrockCard Credit Card and BrockPay App

Brocks Performance proudly announces its new branded Visa credit card, the BrockCard. Unlike a normal credit card, the BrockCard offers a competitive interest rate, a hefty 20% discount on components purchased through Brocks Performance* and the ability to earn points that can be redeemed at brocksperformance.com. The combined discounts literally allow you to go #StupidFast, faster. Users of the BrockCard will also be automatically enrolled in the new BrockPay app.

2023 BrockPay April Fools

The offer comes amid a series of financial moves at Brocks Performance spurred on by the recent upheaval in the banking industry caused by the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and related financial institutions.

“We were well-positioned to take advantage of the current turmoil in the financial markets,” said Brock Davidson. “From the beginning of Brocks Performance, we have paid our bills and accumulated very little debt. Our strong cash position and high liquidity have allowed us to leverage opportunities we could have never imagined a few years ago.“

2023 BrockPay April Fools

The BrockCard can be linked to the new BrockPay app. Like Apple Pay, BrockPay can be used at any POS terminal that accepts Visa or Mastercard. Brock has also established an exclusive agreement with dragstrips across the country to install BrockPay terminals for any financial transactions.

“You want to fill up on VP Fuel or buy a burger? BrockPay. Pay your entry fee? BrockPay. You can even load your winnings and contingency payouts directly into your BrockPay app. It’s going to change the way racers use money.” said Brock.

2023 BrockPay April Fools

The move comes as Brock purchased a controlling equity stake in a depressed crypto bank Gescheitertebank for a fraction of pennies on the dollar.

Stock in Gescheitertebank, based in Madagascar, cratered following the failure of cryptocurrency exchange FTX and the subsequent failure of crypto banks Signature and Silvergate. Although, as Brock tells it, Gescheitertebank was solid, and the mob mentality of the uninformed depressed the stock.

2023 BrockPay April Fools

“The underlying financials of the bank were strong,” stated Brock. “It was fully reserved with assets kept as highly liquid cash equivalents. This is a case where the market got it wrong, and Brock’s Performance customers will benefit.

With the acquisition, Brock has renamed the bank BrockBank. And it’s a digital currency, PleiteCoin, has been renamed BrockCoin. BrockCoin is a token used on the Ethereum blockchain.

2023 BrockPay April Fools

“People think crypto is dead but it’s just a totally depressed asset,” stated Brock. “The price is low, but the value is still there. A positive move of one or two points can mean millions in total value. Everyone should be doing this.”

“I actually have my own cryptocurrency,” stated Brock. “It’s surreal.”

2023 BrockPay April Fools

Brock has announced that starting in 2025 all transactions on Brock’s Performance will be made using BrockCoin.

“Digital banking is fast, and we are all about fast,” Brock said.


*The BrockCard discount does not apply to BST Wheels, exhaust systems, swingarms, and other suspension components, chassis components, or PowerCommander products. But hey, you can still buy t-shirts and decals.

About Brock’s Performance: Brock’s Performance leads the way in sportbike innovation for acceleration addicts. From exhaust systems to wheels, this championship-winning company designs, builds and sells more than 3000 products that make it easier and safer for racers and street riders to reach record-breaking results through a never-ending process of research, development and track testing. For more information about Brock’s Performance parts, go to BrocksPerformance.com or call 937-912-0054.

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