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Brocks Performance: BPD Fully Programmable Race ECU for the GSXR1000 & Hayabusa

A Tuners Dream!
Brocks Performance/ BPD Fully Programmable Race ECU.

New from Brock’s Performance Products, in conjunction with Bazzaz Performance Design, comes the most tunable aftermarket ECU ever developed. Finally, a true “plug and PLAY!” ignition for Suzuki’s most powerful machines….the GSXR 1000 and Hayabusa. Complete Tuning Flexibility from ignition to fuel injection and everything in between is now available in a single unit which plugs directly in to the stock wiring harness. The BPD ECU is a direct replacement for your stock ECU. No hassles, no incompatibility issues, simply plug it in and go!

“Ammar Bazzaz approached us at the beginning of the season with this project” says Brock Davidson. “He has a strong relationship with American Suzuki, as we do, which gave him the confidence needed to entrust us with such an ambitious endeavor. I was personally ecstatic. As ridiculous as it seems, we haven’t even had the ability to properly adjust the High RPM limit on these late model Sportbikes in the past. The BPD ECU works, our Brock’s Suzuki GSXR 1000 Supersport results at St. Louis prove that.”

“We are just scratching the surface with the potential of this unit” continues Davidson. “Closed Loop technology will now allow the modified engine owner to tune his own machine by simply going for a ride on the dyno, race track or street. It’s about time.”

The base price of the Fully Programmable ECU is $1795.00

which includes everything needed to get going (ECU, instructions, software and a Brock’s Performance base map). Other options, including Progressive nitrous control with programmable timing, fuel, and nitrous curves and data logging are also available. Tuning is managed through the standard built-in serial port via your laptop or desktop computer.

• Completely replaces OEM ECU, plugs directly into OEM wiring harness
• Full control of ignition timing and fuel delivery
• Closed loop air/fuel control for “self-mapping”
• Adjustable rev limit (max 20,000 rpm)
• I/O for gear change ignition cut, shift lamp, and alternate map select
• Individual ignition and fuel adjustments for each cylinder
AMA/Prostar SuperSport legal
• multi-stage wastegate control with gear dependent boost curves *
• Progressive nitrous control with programable timing, fuel, and nitrous curves *
• 1MB internal data logging option *
• Fully integrated into one simple unit enclosed in a billet aluminum housing
• Easy-to-use Windows based software
(*) indicates an optional feature

Contact the Brock’s Performance sales department at 937-298-6818 for pricing or check our Online Catalog

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