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Brock’s Performance : Busa’s – Beamer’s – Records Smashed

Brocks Performance

Busa’s – Beamer’s – Records Smashed

The Loring Timing Association (LTA) plays host to three land speed racing events throughout the year.  The July “Maine Event” is almost week-long, giving competitors the chance to make more runs, set more records, and compete in great conditions.  This past week/end, a plethora of Brock’s Performance racers took advantage of this extended occasion.


The big news coming out of Maine was from Ransom Holbrook.  The Kentucky tuner/racer campaigns a Suzuki Hayabusa, with engine built by Eric Higgins of H&H House of Power in Lexington, KY, and copious amounts of nitrous for his land speed assaults.  Utilizing a Brock’s Performance Alien Head 2 Full Exhaust System, Worldwide Bearings Ceramic Wheel Bearings, and slippery Alisyn Oil, Holbrook once again etched his name in the history books.  Running all out to the 1.5-mile time trap, Ransom shocked the Land Speed Racing (LSR) world by clocking 252.222mph (241mph to the mile).  This was the first time in history that a nitrous-assisted motorcycle has eclipsed the 250mph barrier.  Ransom is now over 20 MPH faster than his next fastest nitrous competitor; we would say that qualifies him as part of the #StupidFast club!


At 210 lbs. suited, Ralphie ‘not a jockey’ Navarro, might not look like your average motorcycle racer, and once you notice his gleaming smile and, “I’m just here to have fun” attitude, watching him scorch pavement becomes even more surreal.  This US-born, Puerto Rican speedster campaigns a BMW S1000RR fully outfitted with a host of Brock’s Performance products including the Alien Head 2 Full Exhaust, BST Carbon Fiber Wheels with Worldwide Bearings Ceramic Wheel Bearings, Brock’s Lowering Kit, Sprint Filter P16 Air Filter, Alisyn Oil, and Petron Oil Additive.  These ‘Stupid Fast’ products, combined with Bryan Snyder’s/Quantum Motorsports’ race engine, garnered Navarro the title of fastest non-streamlined BMW S1000RR in the world when he stopped the 1.5 mile clocks at 220.448mph during the event. Want to hear something else impressive? This mark was set without the need of a flashed ECU, utilized only Dynojet PCV ‘piggyback’ controller for fuel management and a map from Brock’s Performance – proving that the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid!) is alive, well and flourishing at this officially timed LSR event.


Legendary record setter, Greg Neal, came to Maine with his eye set on records.  The extra days of the event were more than enough for Greg to achieve his goal, as he ended the weekend with an astounding all-time total of 453.  Among those records were four more LTA highlights, as his Kawasaki EX-250R claimed runs of 115.927mph to the one mile and 116.158mph to the 1.5 mile.  Rounding out the assault was his Kawasaki ZX-6R running naturally aspirated to the mile in 190.947mph and to the 1.5 mile at 195.636mph.  Both bikes are equipped with full Brock’s Performance exhaust systems, Worldwide Bearings Ceramic Wheel Bearings and utilize Alisyn Oils, and Petron Oil Additive.


Brock Davidson summarized the results of the weekend best when he said, “Land speed racers are rarely in the spotlight, but it’s amazing how strong the support is for Brock’s Performance from these guys and gals.  Quite frankly, it’s all about personal pride and satisfaction. There are no financial rewards and minimal press coverage.  We are very honored these racers choose Brock’s Performance products.  Congratulations to everyone who raced at the LTA summer event.”

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