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Brock’s Performance: Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 9-Second 1/4 Mile | VIDEO

Brocks Performance

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 9-Second 1/4 Mile Drag Strip Setup

Brock’s Performance shows you what it takes to get a stock wheelbase 2009 Kawasaki ZX-6R with a stock motor, normally aspirated, and foot-shifting solidly into the 9-second zone, using all bolt-on parts.

2009 Kawasaki ZX-6R is equipped with:

• Brock’s Performance custom CT Single full titanium exhaust system (one of a kind)
• Guhl morDEFY ECU de-restriction flash to Brock’s specifications
• Dynojet Power Commander V and map selector switch with Brock’s custom mapping installed for use with pump fuel (sw1) or VP MR12 (sw2) also known as ‘savage mode’
• Sprint Filter P08 F1-85 air filter
• Custom Brock’s Performance clutch mod and clutch spring configuration with shim adjustable spring tops
• New Michelin Power RS rear tire (180/55 ZR17)
• Worldwide Bearings Ceramic Wheel Bearing Kit
• Custom cut/lowered front seat
• Brock’s Performance fully adjustable Window Links
• Ohlin’s steering damper
• Brock’s Performance front end lowering kit
• Zero Gravity smoke windscreen
• Brock’s Performance tank protector
• 15 tooth front sprocket
• Vortex 46 tooth aluminum CAT5 rear sprocket
• Brock’s Performance adjustable BrockSTAND
• Brock’s Performance modified O-ring chain with O-rings removed
• Black anodized swingarm spools

Shop Stupid Fast products at www.brocksperformance.com

Watch more videos by Brock at www.youtube.com/BrockDavidson

About Brock’s Performance: Brock’s Performance leads the way in sportbike innovation for acceleration addicts. From exhaust systems to wheels, this championship-winning company designs, builds and sells more than 3000 products that make it easier and safer for racers and street riders to reach record-breaking results through a never-ending process of research, development and track testing. For more information about Brock’s Performance parts, go to BrocksPerformance.com or call 937-912-0054.

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