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Brock’s Performance: Kawasaki Z H2 Dyno Runs – Supercharged Streetfighter Project: Part 1

Brocks Performance

Kawasaki Z H2 Dyno Runs

Supercharged Streetfighter Project: Part 1

A streetfighter is a sportbike that is customized by removing the fairing and making other changes that result in an overall more aggressive look.

A hyper naked streetfighter combines the definition above with even more aggressive styling with a more powerful engine and brakes.

A #stupidfast hyper naked streetfighter combines both of the above definitions… along with Brock’s ability to take an already strong supercharged platform and extract mind-bending performance from it.


The Japanese claim that streetfighters emerge from the “darker/unconventional side of a vibrant non-conformist sub-culture”. We are pretty sure they haven’t seen Brock’s idea of darker, unconventional and especially, non-conformist just yet! Our Z H2 streetfighter will ingest enough #stupidfast steroids to gain the respect of even the toughest most powerful in the game.

Video Notes

1:08 – Unloading bike and first impressions
3:25 – Introducing bike loaner (Dan Millholland)
5:53 – Bike startup and walkaround
6:55 – Brock prepares for a first test ride
8:20 – Brock POV test ride and commentary
13:15 – Third gear and fifth gear roll-ons
15:27 – Discussion following the test ride
20:33 – Preparing the bike for the dyno
24:30 – Kawasaki made some much-needed changes
26:13 – The Z H2’s first-ever dyno runs!
28:55 – Real-time horsepower and torque reading
29:58 – Discussing the Z H2 dyno results
31:46 – Comparing Z H2 results vs. H2 SX SE
32:40 – Comparing Z H2 results vs. ZX-10R
34:15 – Final thoughts / what did we learn?
36:46 – What comes next for the Z H2?
38:21 – Video conclusion

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