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Brock’s Performance: Kawasaki Z H2 Supercharged Product Development

Brocks Performance
Kawasaki Z H2 Supercharged Streetfighter Product Development

Where do new motorcycle products come from? Most enthusiasts go online or to their local dealer, make their purchase, and call it done. Using his friend Dan’s brand new Kawasaki Z H2 2020 Supercharged Streetfighter, Brock demonstrates why it’s a bit more challenging to create #stupidfast parts promptly than it is to drive up to a speaker and request a ‘Big Mac, hold the pickles.’

Brock gives a glimpse into the development techniques that designers, engineers, and manufacturers use behind the scenes to create cool parts for your ride… while also answering the inevitable questions that pop up before, during, and after you make your purchase decision such as…

‘What are the advantages of adding a slip-on exhaust to an otherwise stock machine? Are there any disadvantages? What happens to the air-fuel ratio when a high flow Penta-Carbon slip-on is installed, especially when combined with the addition of an ultra high-flow air cleaner like the groundbreaking Sprint Filter P08 F1-85? With no means currently available to tune the air-fuel ratio to match these components to the bike…are we risking engine damage by installing these parts? The bikes dash lights up like a Christmas tree, blocks the ability to adjust some parameters, and disables the quick shifter after a few moments on the dyno – Is that a ‘limp mode’? Is the bike hurt? Can we remove the lights/clear the codes on our own, or do we need to slowly make our way to the nearest dealership?’

Video Time Stamps:

0:00 – Z H2 project recap and weather conditions
5:25 – Explaining check engine code issues
8:05 – Baseline dyno runs with stock exhaust
11:12 – Baseline overview and explanation
13:25 – Removing the stock muffler
15:40 – OEM muffler weight vs. Penta-Carbon slip-on
17:10 – Installing the Penta-Carbon slip-on
19:39 – How do we tune the sound of our exhaust?
24:15 – What is a slip-on exhaust good for?
26:19 – Dyno runs with Penta-Carbon slip-on
27:56 – Discussing slip-on dyno results
34:42 – Other parts in process for the Z H2
38:04 – Installing the Sprint Filter P08 F1-85
46:30 – Dyno runs with Penta-Carbon and Sprint Filter
48:35 – Discussing slip-on and air filter dyno results
53:14 – Bike walkaround and overview of installed parts
57:20 – Brock heads out for a test ride on the Z H2
1:00:07 – Riding commentary and code reset explanation
1:07:35 – Successfully clearing the check engine codes
1:10:12 – Brock attempting to launch the bike
1:13:00 – Video conclusion and what comes next

Visit www.brocksperformance.com for their complete product selection and watch their education videos on how to become Stupid Fast on their YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/brockdavidson.

About Brock’s Performance: Brock’s Performance leads the way in sportbike innovation for acceleration addicts. From exhaust systems to wheels, this championship-winning company designs, builds and sells more than 3000 products that make it easier and safer for racers and street riders to reach record-breaking results through a never-ending process of research, development and track testing. For more information about Brock’s Performance parts, go to BrocksPerformance.com or call 937-912-0054.

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