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Brock’s Performance – Suzuki Hayabusa (Part 1) Diagnose Ignition Miss

Brocks Performance

Suzuki Hayabusa Gen 1

Diagnose Mysterious Ignition Miss (Part 1)

Ride along with Brock as he diagnoses a mysterious ignition miss in his good friend Scott’s beautiful Gen 1 Hayabusa. During the ride, Brock not only simulates and defines the problem but gives a bit of a Hayabusa history lesson, from his unique point of view as an American Suzuki-sponsored drag racer at the time of the bike’s release, which you won’t hear anywhere else.

After the ride, Brock breaks down the bike and discusses the situation as well as his personal troubleshooting tips and techniques developed over his long racing and wrenching history.

We hope you enjoy: Suzuki Hayabusa Gen 1 – Diagnose Mysterious Ignition Miss (Part 1)

**The information in this video applies to many other machines – we are simply using a Gen 1 Suzuki Hayabusa as it’s broken and readily available.**

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Suzuki Hayabusa Time Stamps

0:00 – Video and bike introduction
2:00 – What are we doing here?
4:00 – Demonstrating the “miss” issue
6:30 – Brock’s history with American Suzuki
8:30 – Modifying the early model Suzuki’s
10:20 – Brock recalls the Hayabusa’s launch
13:30 – Brock’s first ride on a Hayabusa
16:35 – First Hayabusa drag race experience
18:45 – Brock gets his very own Hayabusa
20:55 – The small block Chevy of motorcycles
22:30 – Getting started in Brock’s home shop
24:07 – Discussing the tools we will be using
26:26 – The first thing we did to this bike
28:13 – Putting the Hayabusa into dealer mode
30:57 – Bad batteries cause a variety of issues
33:22 – Discussing the Gen 1 fuel system
36:00 – Emptying and prepping tank for removal
38:30 – Disconnecting fuel lines from the tank
41:03 – Unbolting and removing the fuel tank
43:00 – Discussing a faulty kickstand and switch
44:50 – Attempting to fix the kickstand issues
46:40 – Removing the Hayabusa side fairings
48:15 – Let’s stop and reflect for a second
50:00 – Uh Oh… what’s wrong with this picture?
52:00 – What happens if a cam chain is stretched?
54:24 – What is the best way to stretch a cam chain?

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