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Brock’s Performance – Suzuki Hayabusa (Part 2) Compression and Leak Down Testing

Brocks Performance

Suzuki Hayabusa Gen 1

Compression and Leak Down Testing (Part2)

In Suzuki Hayabusa Gen 1 – Diagnose Mysterious Ignition Miss (Part 1), Brock demonstrated the ignition miss and explained what had been unsuccessfully tried previously to resolve it. He asked for the viewer’s thoughts/input and addressed those items in the comments section (please read).

Now that the bike is back on the lift, Brock dives into not only disassembling Scott’s beautiful Gen 1 Hayabusa but also addresses the proper way (in his humble opinion) to test for any other issues that could possibly be a problem, as well as issues that could quickly turn this series from a relatively simple repair into a full-blown engine rebuild. Watch as Brock explains how “he” attacks problems as unsolved mysteries have bitten him in the past….complete with stories, of course.

Brock not only performs a compression test but also fine-tunes his estimate of the engine’s overall condition by performing a leak-down test and documenting his results. Of course, Brock tries to explain his hypothesis and actions in terms that rookies and experienced wrenches alike can understand and appreciate.

We hope you enjoy: Gen 1 Suzuki Hayabusa Miss (Part 2) Compression and Leak Down Testing

**The information in this video applies to many other machines – we are simply using a Gen 1 Suzuki Hayabusa as it’s broken and readily available.**

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Suzuki Hayabusa Time Stamps

0:00 – Intro and airbox removal
2:53 – Ignition stick coil removal
4:32 – Disconnecting throttle body cables
6:34 – Prepping for valve cover removal
8:55 – Removing the valve cover
10:45 – Removing the throttle bodies
13:05 – What are we doing next?
14:16 – Compression check overview
15:55 – Compression ratio vs. test
18:25 – Removing the spark plugs
20:54 – Compression check on cylinder 1
23:00 – Compression checks on 2, 4, and 3
25:23 – Leak down testing overview
28:32 – Removing the crankshaft access cover
30:50 – Rotating the crankshaft into position
32:57 – Prepping for the leak-down test
35:00 – Locking crankshaft into position
36:11 – Performing the leak down test
39:55 – Discussing leak-down results
41:30 – Testing Brock’s hypothesis
43:30 – Conclusion / what’s next?

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