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Brock’s Performance – Suzuki Hayabusa (Part 3) Cam Timing

Brocks Performance

Suzuki Hayabusa Gen 1

Cam Timing (Part3)

**The information in this video applies to many other machines – we are simply using a Gen 1 Suzuki Hayabusa as it’s broken and readily available.**

In Gen 1 Suzuki Hayabusa – Diagnose Mysterious Ignition Miss (Part 2) Compression and Leak Down Testing, Brock showed viewers how to perform and document compression and leak down tests to determine the bike’s overall mechanical state before proceeding with his diagnosis/repair. After all, why repair one gimpy section of the engine now, just to find out another part of the engine needs attention and be forced to tear it back down again? Some might be saying “Wow Brock, that’s a bunch of extra work?!” Yes, this is true but as one of Brock’s previous co-workers used to say “There’s never enough time to do it right…but there’s always enough time to redo it” and Brock follows that mindset in all he does.

Since he has determined the bike is mechanically sound, showing good leak and compression results, he continues his deep dive into the techniques he has developed over many years of engine building. As a former AMA Dragbike 750 Superbike National Champion as well as the rider/builder of the world’s first seven-second street-legal motorcycle, Brock can do this stuff in his sleep – but realizes you probably can’t and doesn’t mind taking the extra time to show you his work. As a bonus to the viewer, Brock painstakingly demonstrates how to find top dead center (TDC) using the positive stop method and then measures valve lash as well as exhaust and intake cam timing. These steps are not ‘technically’ required to reach the end result, but Brock believes it’s the right way.

Cam timing calculations are advanced and a mystery to many enthusiasts and novice engine builders. As always, Brock tries to break the information down into chunks that excited rookie do-it-yourselfers can digest, as well as seasoned builders viewing to compare their own techniques to Brock’s. Educational real-world examples and stories of experiences generated throughout his long engine-building career are used heavily throughout, so anyone looking to legitimately enhance their own technical abilities is invited to view repeatedly (with minimal use of the fast forward button 😉 ).

We hope you enjoy: Gen 1 Suzuki Hayabusa Miss (Part 3) Cam Timing

**The information in this video applies to many other machines – we are simply using a Gen 1 Suzuki Hayabusa as it’s broken and readily available.**

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Video Time Stamps:
0:00 – Picking up where we left off
2:58 – Eliminate aftermarket parts first
6:35 – What is valve lash and how do we check?
8:27 – Valve lash on exhaust cam position 1
11:40 – Valve lash on intake cam position 1
14:21 – Valve lash on intake cam position 2
16:34 – Valve lash on exhaust cam position 2
18:11 – Preparing to remove the stator cover
20:55 – Removing the idler gear cover
24:19 – Removing the starter for clearance
26:50 – Final removal of the idler gear cover
29:47 – Final removal of the stator cover
31:22 – Installing the degree wheel
33:42 – Creating a reference pointer
36:52 – How do we find top dead center
38:40 – Installing the positive stop
41:07 – Finding and calculating TDC
43:27 – Which camshaft rotation are we on?
46:20 – Preparing to check cam timing
48:56 – Setting up our dial indicator
51:56 – Calculating exhaust cam lobe center
55:50 – Calculating intake cam lobe center
58:50 – So what does this all mean?

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