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Brock’s Performance – Suzuki Hayabusa (Part 4) Magic Cam Timing?

Brocks Performance

Suzuki Hayabusa Gen 1

Cam Timing (Part4)

**The information in this video applies to many other machines – we are simply using a Gen 1 Suzuki Hayabusa as it’s broken and readily available.**

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In Gen 1 Suzuki Hayabusa Miss (Part 3) Cam Timing, Brock painstakingly demonstrates his unique method of checking cam timing and documenting engine health. In this episode, he continues on with the installation of the cam chain, with the engine still in the frame, while also sharing his personal views/experience on related subjects such as manual cam chain tensioners vs. OEM. “The Best” camshaft timing/lobe center numbers and various other camshaft/cam chain-related topics.

With his Hero 8 Go Pro in hand, Brock is able to focus on the intricate details of this type of mechanical work on the mighty Hayabusa.

We hope you enjoy: Gen 1 Suzuki Hayabusa Miss (Part 4) Cam Chain Replacement:

Video Time Stamps:
0:00 – Adjusting a manual cam chain tensioner
4:08 – What is the “best” cam timing?
8:26 – Discussing and removing the cam caps
13:55 – Removing cams and checking for damage
16:31 – Removing the starter gear assembly
19:13 – Removing the cam chain tensioner
21:41 – Preparing for cam chain removal
25:18 – Making clearance and removing cam chain
29:27 – Installing the replacement cam chain
32:21 – Reinstalling the starter gear assembly
35:49 – Reinstalling and positioning the exhaust cam
38:49 – Reinstalling and positioning the intake cam
41:18 – Reinstalling the exhaust cam cap
45:00 – Reinstalling the intake cam cap
47:19 – Reinstalling the camshaft oiling line
50:02 – Discussing the OEM cam chain tensioner
53:11 – Adjusting the OEM cam chain tensioner
56:32 – Installing the tensioner oil pressure line
58:40 – Calculating the intake cam timing
1:01:00 – Calculating the exhaust cam timing
1:02:45 – Video conclusion and what comes next

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