Brown/Bradley Top Fuel Motorcycle: Man Cup Report

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Brown/Bradley Top Fuel Motorcycle Team 2018

Man Cup Report

The Brown/Bradley Top Fuel Motorcycle Team arrived at SGMP, Adel. GA for round 1 of the Manufacturer’s Cup series on Thursday April 5, 2018 to reunite and do some testing prior to the event. After all the things serviced, repaired, or replaced over the winter one of the few parts in need of attention, the clutch cannon game us some trouble. The team was unable to test Thursday but did overnight the needed material to fix the situation Friday morning and made a first test run.

We had a solid test hit on Friday, not quick but everything worked well and we ran 1.12,in the 60’ and 4.17@188 mph on an 1/8 Mile early shut off pass. We had to change an engine and missed the first round of Qualifying Friday evening.

Rain was the word all day Saturday as expected but Sunday arrived with clear skies. Qualifying round 2 was a similar run with minimal change on our second engine. Nearly the same results but we did not get any info from our data recorder. We prepared the bike for a round one match up with Dave Vantine. On the last system check before we headed to the line we discovered a broken bracket for the Wide Open Throttle switch that activates all the fuel, timing, and clutch systems as we move down the track. We had a less than stellar run with no functions and Dave advanced and Won the event. Congratulations to the entire Vantine Crew.

We had a successful weekend running the bike on our own for the first time. We learned a lot and are ready for the next event June 29 and July 1st at MUSCO Light Night of Fire at Eddyville Raceway Park in Eddyville, IA!

We’re low on experience and funding but BIG on passion.

Thank you for all your support, it means the world to our team.

Please stay up to date with the team at Brown/Bradley Top Fuel Motorcycle Team on Facebook at DBTopFuel.

Last and MOST important THANK YOU to our Sponsors and Supporters. Fast by Gast, MTC, Portable Shade, Grothus Dragbikes, Motorcycle Performance of Madison, WI, Innovative Frameworks, Monster Race Products, Web Cam Shafts, Richie’s Tires, Cycle Solutions, and NGK Spark Plugs.

See you at the track!