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Building a Faster Pro-Mod Hayabusa

Building a Faster Pro-Mod Hayabusa
Article by Craig Hairston

After finding the right combination
on a Pro-Mod bike that leads to some of the best times yet on a bike and the
team’s first win of the season, most teams would lock down the winning
combination and head off to the next race. But not Team Fish. The team took
a little drive up north and took delivery of their new state-of-the art Koenig
Pro-Mod Chassis.

Carefully packed to make the trip back to Columbia, SC.

Up till now, the team has been running their Pro-Mod Hayabusa engine in a top
Gas Chassis with a smaller rear tire ever since they began racing in Pro-Mod.
This makes their 6.83 record setting E.T. even more amazing thanks to the wrenching
of Rob Bush, the bike owner, and some outstanding riding by the infamous “Frank

Within hours of arriving back at the shop in Columbia, SC, they began unpacking
the new chassis and taking inventory of some fine looking pieces.

Wow that thing has a big hump.

Now that they’ve got a Koenig chassis designed
specifically for Pro-Mod speeds, the whole shop at Fish’s Customs has
been burning the midnight oil to get the bike ready for Indy. This could be
bad news for the other Pro-Mod competitors. The new American Suzuki, APE,
Brock Racing, Carpenter Racing, Cometic Gasket, Fast by Gast, Ferrea, Holley/NOS,
JE Pistons, Megacycle, Millenium Technology, MPS, MTC, MRE, Muzzy’s, Spark Plugs.com,
MTC, Orient Express, Robinson Industries (new billet 6 speed), Royal Purple,
Schnitz, Taylor Ballistics, World Wide Bearing sponsored Hayabusa engine went
into the chassis with very little adjustments needed.

The new engine is further forward and ready to run.

The body is being painted at Fish’s paint
booth and the bike should be ready for its debut at Indy. We’ll follow
up with completed pictures and are planning to spend a little more time in the
winner’s circle during the last half of the season. If the blue marble
paint scheme on the first chassis was any indication, the bike won’t be
hard to spot. It will be shiny, multicolored and ahead of the competition.

After receiving their new Koenig
Pro-Mod Chassis, the challenge for Team Fish Racing was to take the best of
the combinations from Big Blue, the Koenig Top Gas chassis that made the record
setting 6.83 second run, and put together a combination that would take advantage
of the bigger rear tire and weight balance on the new chassis.

Here’s their recipe for

Take one Koenig Pro-Mod chassis.
Add one American Suzuki Hayabusa motor.
Load in the Robinson Billet 6 speed transmission.
Sprinkle World Wide Bearings ceramic bearings at appropriate locations.
Include Brock Racing billet shift shafts.
Insert Ferrea valves into the Carpenter Racing CNC ported head.
Position the Megacycle cams.
Don’t forget the JE pistons. You’ve got to have the right
Pin the pistons to Carillo rods provided by Orient Express.
Prep the Muzzy’s Billet Block at Millenium Technologies.
Place Cometic gaskets in appropriate layers.
Attach the head and cylinder using the APE cam chain kits and studs.
Drop in the racing plugs from SparkPlugs.com.
Install the Fast by Gast billet ignition.
Add one MTC slider and adjust to taste.
Wrap the entire engine with a ballistic blanket by Taylor Ballistics.
Garnish critical surfaces with sufficient Royal Purple Oil to prevent
over cooking.
Apply generous amounts of nitrous with the Holley/NOS system.
Garnish with MPS switches and an MRE air shifter.
Set up the Schnitz Pro Series II Ignition according to personal preferences.
Coat the body with one Fish’s Customs one-off paint jobs.
Wrap the infamous Frank Williams’ body in Z Custom Leathers.

Mix together with custom assembly and tuning by Rob Bush.
Cook at 200 M.P.H.

Air, fuel, and nitrous in: horsepower out!

All a motor needs is plenty of ignition and fuel

The new paint job minus the body

It just needs is a little more decal space.

1 Down – Launch. 5 Up – Win

The view from the competition

The bike made a shakedown run at Indy. The clutch cover was blown off and the
decision was made to park the bike for further testing to sort out the typical
new bike gremlins so the team would have a respectable race debut. The team
went to Rockingham on September 2nd for testing. In only the bike’s second
pass down a track including a soft setup for marginal track conditions on an
un-prepped track, the bike posted a 6.99 at 185 M.P.H. Some minor adjustments
were made to the wheelie bars for a better launch, and with track conditions
still less than optimal, a second soft pass was made at 6.93 at 186 M.P.H. Rob’s
comment was simply, “This Koenig chassis is going to haul the mail!”

The new Team Fish Pro-Mod Hayabusa
“Mrs. Robinson” will be seen along with Old Blue at the following
events for the remainder of the season:

Sept. 10   Red Cross Benefit Race Greer, SC
Sept. 11,12 “5K to Win” Pro Mod Race Huntsville, AL
Sept. 17-18 MIROCK Autumn Nationals Rockingham. NC
Oct. 1-2 PROSTAR Memphis Blues Nationals Memphis, TN
October 22 SEMDRA Fish’s Customs Finals Carolina Dragway
Jackson, SC
Nov. 11-13 PROSTAR Diamond Powersports World Finals Gainesville,
Nov. 19-20 MIROCK Fall Nationals Rockingham, NC

The current plans are to have the
infamous “Frank Williams” aboard Mrs. Robinson with Rob Bush piloting
Old Blue. The team has a simple plan for the rest of the year:

Qualify 1-2 followed by a Win and Runner-up.

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