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BUILT TO WIN: Dus Williams


This month we reached out to Dus Williams following the AGR Presents: Clash of the Titans Grudge Event. We had been talking back and forth for a month or so about doing this article and Dus said that he wanted to do it on camera so here it is.


I have mad respect for this young man because he went through some things that most people wouldn’t have the heart to try and come back from. His injuries led many people to believe that he wouldn’t be able to walk the same ever again, much less race a motorcycle.


Through hard work, countless hours of rehabilitation, and pure drive… we witnessed him get back on a motorcycle five months after the accident. 


BUILT TO WIN: Dus Williams

Hometown : Hillsborough, North Carolina
Home Track : Piedmont Dragway, NC

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Q. Some people don’t know, but you went through something that most people would have a very difficult time coming back from. About a year ago, I remember receiving the message that you were involved in a motorcycle accident and people didn’t know if you would ever walk again. Tell us about the accident?

June 12th, Piedmont (Kings of Grudge) event was the next day and the night before we had some money runs locked in. I bounced back pretty good, but I still have a ways to go. I had to have lisfranc surgery, broke both of my legs, fractured ankle and suffered some broken bones on my neck and my back.



Q. There are statistical odds which cannot be defied, and individual odds which can… You defied the individual odds of life. I remember seeing you at the Kings of Grudge (October) five months after the accident… back on the track. What was is like to get back out there knowing that people were concerned with you getting back out there so soon? 

When I was down, I heard people say Oh he’s done… I thought that I was done too, I ain’t gonna lie. I had good people behind me and they keep you pushing. Like I said, This is what I love to do and I did it for the people that are going to go through that. Some more people are going to go through it and they are going to be wondering what’s next, but they’ll remember that Dus bounced back from it. (He’s a regular guy just like I am) That was the real point of me coming back last year, I wasn’t….. At the Piedmont race a lot of people were trying to talk me out of it, but I really wanted to do it. I went through a lot and anyone else can do the same. I’m not quite the rider that I was, but I’m almost back!



Watch the full video to catch the rest of this feature



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