C.J. Fair Looking for another Moore Mafia Sweep

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Moore Mafia Sweep

On May 12, 2018 The MooreMafia & Weindel Bro’s Racing team made history at Piedmont Dragway for the Kings of Grudge Gorilla BikeFest with outstanding results for the entire team.

  • Alex Moore made it to his first ever Big Boy Heavy-Weight Final with a runner-up finish.
  • Jordan Angelo made his debut on ‘Money Train’ and made it to the semi-finals of the Big 8.
  • C.J. Fair won 5.60 Index class for the second event in a row.
  • Chris Moore on his crazy fast turbo bike’ Cash Is King’, took the Big 8 Win against teammate C.J. Fair in the final on ‘Red Bull’. FIRST TEAM FINAL!

CJ Fair and the rest of his team heads to Huntsville Alabama for the Kings of Grudge Big 8 Hustle this weekend and they are looking to clean up again!

I would like to thank Kings of Grudge for always putting on a GREAT event for the 2-wheel guys & fans!

Also thanks to Asphalt and Opportunity & Grudge Lyfe for all the dope pictures & footage! BJ with Upstate Motorsports, Anthony Weindel, Joe Weindel, Erin-Nicole Herring, Halie, Houston Cochran, Dalton Hartsell, Land Bowyer, Bryan Saltz,  Caruso Damian, Rob Irby, and D. Spurgeon thank you guys for your support and consistency on helping me cut on those win lights!

Thanks to my amazing sponsors

The Moore Mafia Sweep: Money Train • The God Father • Cash Is King • Red Bull

Video Coverage from Gorilla BikeFest