Callout 2K17 : Race Coverage from Middle Georgia 5/27

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We want to say THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT…. for those that came out and supported… trust me I thank you. There is no Miss.BUDLIGHT LIME or CALLOUT Grudgefest without you all. Big thanks to My 4 Horsemen John A Fernandez (Under The Influence), Lance Hines (Becky Camp) 205 Mike (Alley Kat), and Tara Billards Eraune Santos (LHM). You guys put on a great show. Thanks to Jarrett Jones for his off the trailer race… We know you had more to come before your mishap with your bike. My Ladies Edition shootout Brittany Bohne, Lea Martinez, Laurie Farnell Dystany, and Spurlock… you ladies are most definitely just as good as the men on these bikes.

Also to the Young Gunners Jamaruis Crawford, Jimmie Hunter, Aubrey Valentine and Russell Dennison Jr. 3D racing… You young men are AWESOME, stay positive and Keep Pushing for your goals and stay humble in the sport. Special Thanks to Johnny Mapp, Grudge Lyfe and last but not least… Asphalt Opportunity for their Support. It’s just little me and I can only get better to bring you a good event.

Thanks to MGMP for letting me host my Annual Grudgefest there. Once again, Congrats to ALL The Winners LHM of the 4 Horsemen, Brittney Bohne for Ladies Shootout, Jimmie Hunter and Jamarius Crawford ( Young Gunners) Tim Houghland-Birchfield for 5.60, and Steve Usher for Street E.T. HUGE… HUGE SHOUT OUT to Brock’s Performance, Fuel Tech, Cooper Performance and Ershaun Turner from Grudge Rush Magazines for the sponsorship of the Young Gunners Trophy’s and Plaques. A memory of recognition is always unforgettable.

See you all next year for The Callout Grudgefest 2K18.
– Tracy Robinson
(Miss Budlight Lime)

Class Winners

4 Horsemen – Richard Gadson
Ladies Shootout – Brittany Bohne
Young Gunners – Jimmie Hunter and Jamarius Crawford
5.60 Class – Tim Houghland-Birchfield
Street ET – Steve Usher




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