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Cameron Shelton’s Team Report from MIROCK

Cameron Shelton, age 16, won his first 4.60 race at the MIROCK Summer Nationals

Cameron Shelton

My first motorcycle was a PW80. I raced a JR Dragster for a couple years before deciding to try out MX racing. After a three year hiatus from the dragstrip I came back and started riding my uncles Hayabusa at age 14.

My dad bought us the PMFR prostock bike we have now and I started out running 6.30’s and progressed to 5.30’s. Last year I finished second in the points at our local track, Motor Mile Dragway, after winning 2 races my first full year racing. After a little engine and tuning work from Steve at Svec Engineered Performance we got into the 460 class and landed #1 qualifier and won our first ever MIROCK 4.60 race. To date that is by far our biggest accomplishment.

My team which consist of my mom and dad, Tim and Selena, my girlfriend Chelsea, our engine builder, tuner, chassis modification guy, and friend Steve Svec make all this happen for me and couldn’t be done without their help and support.

My goals in racing are to complete and be competitive in as many classes as I can, but for now we are pleased with progress made on this bike in the 4.60 class. I would also like to be more involved with the tuning aspect of the mc as much as I am in the maintenance and repairs of it now.

My hero is our lord and savoir Jesus Christ because without him none of this would be possible. I am excited to have this win under my belt and look forward to learning and growing as a drag racer.

– Cameron Shelton

Cameron Shelton

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