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CanCup Sets ZX-14 Record at July event


CanCup Sets ZX-14 Record at July Event

Rumors have been floating around for about two years now that Randy Hope of Lil’ Hope Racing was building some sort of violent monster that was going to dominate the tracks and put everything that lined up beside it back on the trailer for good. What this mad scientist brewed up in his lab was even crazier than what anyone could have imagined and it made it’s presence very well known when it was revealed this past weekend at the CanCup event.

What Randy ended up building was a Gen1 zx-14 with a rare #8 of 50 special limited edition Kawi green body and powered by a stock second gen big block 1441cc engine running on 87 pump gas, or lawnmower gas as Randy likes to call it. Appropriately named the Mad Kaw, his first pass on the bike was a 8.59 which was followed by a 8.49. Hot and humid 31 degree Celsius (88 degrees Fahrenheit) kept him in the 8.50’s for the rest of the day.

Sunday was a new day and new records were about to be set, with a little cooler air and a bit more cloud cover, the bike was starting to wake up and go to work. Late Sunday afternoon when the air cooled off a bit, Randy and the Mad Kaw set a new world record for the fastest stock motor zx-14 when he foot shifted his way down the track cranking out a blistering 8.405@156.27mph, beating the previous record of 8.42@163.95 set by Lee Prichard.

Randy Hope

There’s lots more in it according to Randy, more seat time and cooler air in the fall and it should hopefully be running in the 20’s but only time will tell. Randy would like to thank Harry Manovich, Karen Hope, Billy Hope and his friend Brad Bozso for all the help and motivation to get the Mad Kaw where it is today.

Stay Tuned to Dragbike.com for a full report from the event!

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