Candid Pictures of a Day at the Track: Prostar/Norwalk 04

Candid Pictures of a day at the track

Photos and Captions by: Guy Caputo

While doing some computer clean out procedures last weekend, I happened to run across some pictures I thought I would share with you from the Norwalk race this year. For those of you who have never been to an AMA/Prostar event, here is a little montage to help give you the feel for being there.

I just had to start off with this cute pose of 2 brothers riding on their father’s chassis that was for sale in front of the trailer. The one up front was on a 6 second pass for sure.

While walking down Pro-Mod pit row I found Charlie Farrar and his son Chas hanging out. Charlie has 2 sons, I hope that was Chas or else I’m in for it.

Here is crew chief you don’t see everyday. Laurie Caputo of Maximum Performance Cycles is seen working on her husbands Pro-Mod bike.

Of course Laurie is under the careful eyes of her husband Mike Caputo and Mike’s engine builder Russ Nyberg of C&W cycles. It just so happened that another C&W racer, Charlie Farrar, and Mike Caputo were in the finals together. Mike ran a very fast 6.90 at 201MPH against Charlie’s phenomenal time of 6.77, what a race that was. 2 C&W built Pro-Mods in the finals, what’s that tell ya folks?

Wow! Now here is a face that belongs in a magazine, Connie from the Schnitz Racing Trailer was deep in thought when I snapped this one and you can also see her hanging out waiting for the rain to stop.

I caught the Big Daddy of race parts, Dave Schnitz, shooting the bull with Paul Gast in the Gast motor home. I think Paul was reciting his pre-race mantra, “I just wanna go fast, I just wanna go fast!” Dave was overheard to say, “what ever happened to those Kawasaki triples?”

What do you all think of the big bad Prostar trailer? It’s got everything in there you could want in a custom trailer and I think this one has the optional kitchen sink.

I found Ricky Gadson and his son taking a stroll thru vendor row one morning. Ricky “G” is one of my favorite racers (even though he rides a very fast Kawi) and you will always find him approachable.

In the tech in lines, you will always find your favorite racer because they all have to go thru the “TECH IN” line. If you find yourself racing at one of Prostar’s many events, you will have to endure a painless procedure called “Tech In”.

Lee Sheirts is an old hand at teching in and has been to a gazillion Prostar events. Lee Shierts is also known as the Fastest Man on a turbo Hayabusa at the Maxton ECTA. Lee recently ran 250.006MPH from a dead stop to just 1 mile on Rich Yancy’s #8 Budweiser/Mr. Turbo Hayabusa. Of course weighing in at 90lbs soaking wet was helpful. Just kidding Lee.

The Velocity Turbo Racing Hayabusa was seen trying to pass the 2-inch test in which a 2” steel bar is run underneath the bike to make sure it would pass TECH IN. After finding a very level piece on concrete, the bar was passed and it missed by no more than one eighth of an inch (1/8”). Maybe a little more air in the back tire might help.

The picture doesn’t do justice to just how low this bad boy really is.
Now what would a stroll thru the vendors row be without seeing the Schnitz Racing Girls hard at work. Here is Connie Snyder (Sheila’s sister), Sheila Schnitz and daughter Shana Craig waiting for the rain to quit.

Sheila was caught taking her little baby for a much needed walk in the grass. Actually, we found out that it’s really Dave’s little bundle of joy.

I know that there are literally thousands of pictures I could have shown, but I just wanted to give you a flavor of some of the more candid moments you will find when you come to a Prostar event. It’s great fun for the kids (hell, it’s great fun for the adults), you’ll see some of the worlds greatest motorcycle dragracing and be able to come right up and touch a piece of history. Hope to see you all soon at the next Prostar event, August 7-8 at the Pingel Nationals at Indianapolis Raceway Park. Join us for the festivities, fun and frolic while watching 5-second motorcycles roar down the track. You’ll meet your favorite racers, get autographs, take pictures and be able to meet and greet everyone there while you stroll the pits.

Until next time, safe racing to all.

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