Dash for Cash: 2018 Results from US 131 Motorsports Park

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Dash for Cash

2018 Results from US 131 Motorsports Park

Congrats to all the racers that made the winner circle this weekend, and everyone the attended we appreciate your support. Also thank you to a great US 131 track crew for a hard hooking 1/4 this weekend.


Dennis Ins Pro ET
Win: Frank Linders
Runner-up: Robert Mann

Lake City Honda Street ET
Win: Bryan Clapper Jr
Runner-up: Blake Anthony

J-Dub Paintless Dent Quick 4 Shootout
Win: Butch Million

Competitive Performance Hand Clutch Shootout
Win: Taylor Glick 3X
Runner-up: Chad Sosnowski


Super Comp
Win: Jason Drnach
Runner-up: Brian Selner

Fisher Body Shop Top Gas
Win: Nico Grier
Runner-up: Bradley Shellhaas

Street ET
Win: Blake Anthony Niedbala
Runner-up: Devon Johnson

Pro ET
Win: Bradley Shellhaas
Runner-up: James Underhill

Super Eliminator
Win: Thad Neeld

Best appearing Bike award: Mike Kruger