Diamond Powersports: New Hayabusa Chain Guards

New Hayabusa Chain Guards Leave the Competition Begging for Mercy “Mercy” is evidently not in the vocabulary of the team at Diamond Powersports as its latest innovation continues to bury all competition in the sportbike aftermarket.

This new polished billet Hayabusa chain guard is an incredible piece of craftsmanship that promise to leave even the most sophisticated Busa sportbike owners drooling.

Not stopping there, Diamond Powersports crafts this accessory in two sizes, one the mirrors the stock part and a sportier version that just covers the back half of the chain. If the competition has not already taken a step back, it is sure to be in full retreat after getting a glimps of this new sportbike accessory.

Chain Gaurds from $89.95 – $99.95 – retail

For more information about this polished billet GSXR top clamp, call 1-800-466-8606, e-mail at sales@diamondpowersports.com or check out their complete product line on their web site at www.diamondpowersports.com.


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