Diamond Powersports: New Line of Chain Guards

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DPS Increases Market Share with New Line of Chain Guards

The R & D team at Diamond Powersports continues to help posture the company for record sales for 2004. Propelling sales with a pace setting history of designing one or two new aftermarket sportbike accessories every month, the team raised the bar by introducing a whole new line of sportbike chain guards for the month of June. Beginning this new product line with 9 chain guards, the company plans to introduce new designs throughout the summer for the most popular Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki sport bikes. Like all Diamond Powersports polished billet products, each piece is crafted with the motorcycle’s name or insignia on it as an added mark of distinction. These chain guards are a must for any sport bike owner who takes pride in his or her bike and demands only the best.

Chain Gaurd Prices Range from $89.95 to $99.95

For more information about this new full line of chain guards from Diamond Powersports, call 1-800-466-8606, e-mail at sales@diamondpowersports.com or check out their complete product line on their web site at diamondpowersports.com.

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