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DME Racing : Fork Shortening


DME Racing offers a wide variety of services for all your drag bike racing needs, like Fork Shortening.   Contact us today at 336-785-4845 for your custom project questions. Trust the company specializing in record-breaking performance.

Internal Fork Shortening   $300.00
Forks are internally shortened so the front end strap is not needed to lower the front of your bike. This can be done up to 3 inches

Internal and External Fork Shortening   $450.00
The outer fork tubes are cut off at a specified length and rethreaded to make the outer tube shorter.  ( This eliminates the tube from sticking out of the top of the triple tree.)  Then the forks are shortened internally up to 3 inches.

Grudge Style (Rigid) Fork Shortening
This makes the forks solid for Grudge Bikes. This can be done as an internal cut or an internal and external cut. (This makes the lightest possible fork set up)

Options for Fork Shortening
Billet caps  $90.00
Anodize forks black  $75.00
Turn down for aftermarket triple trees $50.00

Visit our Services Page for more information.

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