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DME Racing: Hayabusa True Hand Clutch

DME Racing

Hayabusa True Hand Clutch

The Yoyodyne True Hand Clutch, exclusive to DME Racing, is designed to increase the torque capacity of the Hayabusa clutch in applications where a slider (automatic) clutch is not legal for the racing class, like XDA’s Real Street.

DME Racing: Hayabusa True Hand Clutch

To increase the torque capacity there is an increase in the number of springs to add more clamping force to the clutch pack, as well as an increase in the number of clutch plates to add more area to the multi-plate clutch pack. (one extra friction and steel plate.) By making both of these changes, we can increase the clutch’s holding capacity significantly.

This clutch has been tested and is race proven by XDA Real Street riders.


  • Suzuki Hayabusa / All Years


What is a True Hand Clutch?

In the context of motorcycle drag racing, a “True Hand Clutch” refers to a specific type of clutch system used in drag bikes.

Typically, motorcycles for drag racing are equipped with manual transmissions and use a clutch to engage and disengage power from the engine to the rear wheel. A True Hand Clutch, also known as a hand-operated clutch, is a clutch setup that requires the rider to manually engage the clutch using their hand.

With a True Hand Clutch, the rider has direct control over the clutch engagement, allowing them to modulate the power delivery to the rear wheel more precisely during the launch and throughout the race. This level of control is crucial in drag racing, where the rider aims to achieve the optimal balance between tire grip, engine power, and acceleration.

The True Hand Clutch setup often involves a lever on the left handlebar that the rider can pull to disengage the clutch and release to engage it. This design allows for quicker reaction times and fine-tuning the clutch engagement to maximize acceleration.

It’s worth noting that in some forms of motorcycle drag racing, particularly in classes where automatic transmissions or electric bikes are allowed, the use of True Hand Clutches may be limited or prohibited. The specific rules and regulations of the racing organization or event will determine the allowable clutch types and configurations.


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