DME Racing: New Dunlop Sportmax Q4

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Dunlop Sportmax Q4

Tested and proven by DME Racing in April of 2019, with a 6.68 pass on the DME Racing Pro Street bike ridden by Jeremy Teasley.

At the XDA Spring Nationals,  Connelly’s Gold Pro Street Busa was pulled out of the corner and outfitted with the new Dunlop Sportmax Q4 to see what she could. Not only were we impressed, the number on the board said it all, 6.68!! #noteventrying

Dunlop’s Q4 tires are the ultimate in hyper-sport tire performance for serious sport and track-day riders. They both offer quick warm-up times and extended tire life so you can spend more time on your favorite tracks and roads.



  • The user-friendly Q4 does not require tire warmers, and runs at street pressures, eliminating the need for chassis or electronic adjustments.
  • Rear tire compound contains carbon black like Dunlop’s racing slicks for maximum grip.
    Jointless Tread (JLT) technology uses a continuously wound strip compound to optimize stability, flex, and grip across the rear tread profile.
  • Carbon Fiber Technology (CFT) uses carbon fiber reinforcement in the sidewalls for exceptional cornering performance, braking stability and feel.
  • On Tread Branding—raised letters built into the shoulder.
  • This purpose-built track-day tire achieves lean angles up to 62 degrees*, more than any other street-legal tire Dunlop has ever made.
  • The Sportmax Q4 is DOT-approved for street-legal use.


  • Size: 190/50ZR17
  • Load/Speed Index: (73W)
  • Sidewall: BW
  • Part Number: 45233060
  • Applicable Rims: 5.50, 6.00
  • Overall Diameter: 24.92″
  • Overall Width: 7.38″
  • Full Tread Depth: 7/32
  • Maximum Load @ PSI: COLD 28-32, HOT 34-36


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