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DME Racing : Pre-Race Shop Tour

Pre-Race Shop Tour – Rocking with DME

If you’ve ever wondered what DME Racing, the business looks like, and wished you could go visit this toy factory for adrenalin junkies, well here’s your chance. Dragbike.com’s roving Senior Editor, Tom McCarthy, hit the road early for the Man Cup, Mann Hill Garage World Finals and stopped by DME Racing early Monday morning before the race to see owner Dimey Eddinger.

Rather than do a rambling dissertation on the history of DME Racing and it’s 20 years in the business, why not let the photos of Dimey Eddinger’s shop tell the tale? To be flat out truthful, with just 48 hours before the shop trailer is fully loaded with FIVE Pro Street bikes, and all the associated hardware, Dimey and crew didn’t have the time to play 20 questions with a roving reporter. Racing first I always say, and I mean it. We’ll let the men of DME do their thing and the photos will give you an idea of what it’s like to visit the DME shop.

This Thursday the DME Racing All-Star Shootout will begin and the competition will be FIERCE! If you’d like to see what the 2016 version of this race was like, click here. And visit www.dragbike.com/mancup this weekend for event coverage and Live Feed video.

A visit to DME,  this is what you’d see:


When you drive up to 2260 Old Salisbury Road, this is what you see, the DME building. The building doesn’t look huge from the front, but once you enter the doors you find a busy shop with people who care about the products and services they provide. The front door is proper for a motorcycle shop, custom made. Love the door handles.


The wall-art behind the busy front desk is killa. I know lot’s of dragbike people who have thought of hanging their old dragbike on the wall. Well Dimey Eddinger get’s it done!


Today the shop is staffed by nine employees that are knee deep busy. The place is buzzing with the sights, smells and sounds of a modern production facility.


The quality of DME Racing products is self-evident.


Two days before the World Finals they are eyeball deep in servicing five Pro Street bikes, but product production never ceases. Someone still has to create the swingarms and keep the fabrication going.


Some happy customer is about to have Christmas early!


The two main men of DME Racing are Dimey Eddinger and Andy Sawyer seen here doing what they do, taking care of their customer’s needs.


Skilled craftsman spend much of the day under the shield, creating parts to specifications and stocking the shelves with ready to ship parts.


Sometimes work at DME Racing can be exhausting.


From Dragbike.com, our special thanks to Dimey Eddinger and Andy Sawyer for allowing us full access to the shop at a very busy time.

Check them out online at www.dmeracing.com

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Tom McCarthy And additional thanks to Mike Beland (and Laurie) of A1 Cycles of North Carolina, for helping me get this story and photos together.

Until Next time…

– Tom McCarthy

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