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DME All-Star Shootout Payout and Prizes

Man Cup

Man Cup All-Star Shootout presented by DME Racing

Over 25k in purses and prizes available to Pro Street riders across the weekend of November 10-13, 2016.

The 40th annual Mann Hill Garage World Finals this November will absolutely be the one race all APE Pro Street riders will want to circle on their calendar.

APE Pro Street riders will enjoy not one, but two separate races across the course of the Mann Hill Garage World Finals. The all new Man Cup All-Star Shootout presented by DME Racing will kick things off on Thursday with a whopping ten thousand dollars to the winner alone! Follow that up with the actual Man Cup APE Pro Street race where three thousand dollars goes to the winner. A really quick, or just plain really lucky enough rider winning them both? Man Cup will present he or she with a special one thousand dollar “double-up” bonus. You read it right; One lucky APE Pro Street rider can walk away from the Finals with a cool fourteen thousand in purse money alone!



Pro Street Payout and Prizes

DME Racing All-Star Shootout (DASS) and Man Cup will BOTH run a 32 bike field. Entry for the weekend is $500.00. Entry is for both races, you CAN NOT enter the DASS without entering the Man Cup race.)

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DASS Purse
Winner $10,000.00
Runner-up $2,000.00
Semi’s $750.00

Man Cup Purse
Winner $3,000.00
*Winner Bonus $1,000.00 (If same rider wins both DASS and Man Cup)
Runner-up 1,000.00
Semi’s $300.00
Quarter’s $100.00
1/8th $50.00

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All pro street racers that enter the DASS will be qualified to win prizes from our sponsors all weekend. Product giveaways will be award via random draw. Forget about the traditional number one qualifier, runner-up and winner manner, Dunigan will mix it up for this event and draw entry names from a hat to award prizes. We strongly encourage you to support the companies that support the Pro Street class and the growth of motorcycle drag racing.


MTC Engineering

Hayabusa Gen II Multistage Clutch

The Gen II Multistage Clutch is designed and built with the same robustness as MTC has used for over 40 years in making the best products in the racing industry. This clutch significantly reduces clutch lever efforts and yet improves clutch adjustability through its “multistage” technology. To learn more about the most trusted clutch on the market and visit www.mtceng.com.

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Portable Shade

Portable Shade Canopy

Portable Shade is donating a 9′ x 9′ Portable Shade branded canopy.  Portable Shade manufactures a wide range of outdoor display systems, from branded Gazebos to exhibition systems, clothing and decor fabric frame tensioning systems. Everything you need to make your racing team or company look professional at the track or in a trade booth. To see more of what Portable Shade has to offer, visit them online at www.portable-shade.com or on the midway at any racing event!

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Vanson Leathers Certificates

Vanson Leathers will be donating a $1,000.00 and a $500.00 gift certificate to two lucky winners. Every Vanson product is as unique as your own bike. The quest for excellence and perfection never ends as Vanson creates a new standard with every product. Perhaps that is why you can spot a Vanson garment in a crowd of hundreds. To learn more about the Vanson Leathers standard and why they are the number one choice among racer, visit www.vansonleathers.com.

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VP Racing Fuels

VP Racing Fuels

VP Racing Fuel has donated Six 5 Gallon containers that will be given away. When you crave the most power, best performance and must-have fuel consistency, you need VP Racing Fuels. VP is not just “race gas.”  It’s performance fuels of all types—racing gasoline, racing methanol, nitromethane, small engine fuels, hobby fuels, storage fuels—essentially any application requiring custom formulation for specific performance characteristics. And the pump gas you’ll find at VP-branded stations? In keeping with VP’s demanding standards, you can be confident it ranks with the best on the market. To learn more about VP Racing Fuels for your motorcycle visit www.vpracingfuels.com.

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Dunigan Racing

Gas Cards from Dunigan Racing

Dave and Jason Dunigan will have a slew of gas cards to give away to all the Pro Street racers that make it in on Thursday for the DME Racing All-Star Shootout. The Dunigan’s, who travel from Michigan, know all too well the cost of driving all over the country. Despite what they are already contributing to the purse, they felt like a little more would go a long way to show their appreciation to the racers that drove in a day early to participate in the Shootout.

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To learn more about the first annual DME All-Star Shootout click here for full event information. 


Any company interested in monetary and/or product support for the Man Cup All-Star Shootout presented by DME Racing should contact Jason Dunigan directly by phone on 517-812-3220 or at Prostock99@aol.com via e-mail.


Dunigan Racing

Drag Racing Tshirts

Dragbike.com Partners

Support the companies that support motorcycle drag racing by shopping with the companies below.

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