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Dragbike.com 2015 TUNER of the YEAR Award presented by Energycoil

Energy Coil

2015 TUNER of the YEAR

Dragbike.com is proud to announce our new Dragbike.com award program for 2015. We are going to kick off the year with the announcement of our ’Tuner of the Year’ award presented by Energycoil.

Every year thousands of passes are made down the track by riders on bike tuned by someone else. In drag racing, the rider is the one who gets all the fame and glory when they win a race, break a record or hoist a championship trophy. Many times the wizard behind the curtain is unknown. The motorcycle Tuner is the guy that sets up the bike and the rider for success. When something mechanically goes wrong, the Tuner is the one with the task of making decisions and getting the bike back on track. Any adjustment made could impact another part of the bikes set up, and the Tuner typically only has a small window of time to figure it out before the bike and rider must go back down the track.

So now is the time to recognize these drag Tuners and give them their accolades. We are asking the Motorcycle Drag Racing community to submit their nominations for ‘Tuner of the Year’. Tell us who you think should win this award and why.

Throughout the year we will be posting the nominations for this award and providing you with more information about each nominee.

Send the following information for your nominee to editor@dragbike.com

Your Name:
Your Nominee:
Why you think they should win:  (The more details the better.)

We would like to thank Val Dick at Energy Coil for presenting the ‘Tuner of the Year’ award!

More details to follow!

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