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Last update June 18, 2018

The Teasley Show

It’s been two months since our last BAMF update. Most events this year have struggled to overcome issues with weather, from sketchy forecasts that have kept racers at home, to complete rainouts.

Despite the forecast, our hardcore sportsman racers are turning out to support events and earn points for BAMF and their individual series.

Ricardo Marte started the season as our points leader and held on to it for a few events. But then the Dragbike.com BAMF O.G. of Jeremy Teasley emerged as the points leader after four events. In 2014 when BAMF launched, Teasley took the win after a fierce battle with Ron Arnold, Ben Knight, and Bob Carlson. Teasley and Arnold battle it out all the way until Sunday night at the final race of the year when Arnold lost in a semi-final to give Teasley a 2-point lead for the win. Ron Arnold’s potential championship plate for the trophy still hangs in the Dragbike.com office a reminder of that battle.

For the next three years Teasley still graced the leaderboard hanging out in the top 10 of points, however with his diverse skill set he was also grudge racing, pro racing, building bikes and tuning, so the BAMF chase was no longer a priority. Which was no surprise since Teasley is known for keeping his racing portfolio diverse.

He has a very long list of accomplishments dating all the way back to 2006 when he became the AMA Dragbike Sportsman Racer of the Year and set two ET records in SuperSport running a 9.10 at the young age of 16. Since then he was tried his hand in every aspect of racing. If you want to test a bike, he is at the top of the list when tuners and builders start making phone calls.

After 4 events Teasley had only a marginal lead of one point for the newly un-retired Dustin Lee, and two points over Ricardo Marte. With two BAMF’s back at the top of the leaderboard, it gave us hope for a good competitive battle this year. But that soon came to an end when NHDRO finished two events in one weekend. With many finals from the Dragway 42 event being run at the St. Louis event, we knew that anything could happen by Sunday night.

But even we were not prepared for the ‘Teasley Show’ and how this episode was going to end. Not only Jeremy, but his brother Cameron and cousin Tylan Beckelheimer all took wins on Saturday morning for the Dragway 42 event, giving them a winner’s high and robust standing going into the St. Louis races.

Team JTR (Jeremy Teasley Racing) came on strong Sunday morning with Jeremy, Cameron and Brandon Teasley, along with Tylan Beckelheimer and Michael Daddio covering six of the eight NHDRO classes. Dynast, Crow Teasley, kept the boys fueled and in the lanes all weekend. It was a good decision by Crow to not race that weekend, with the heat soaring in the high 90’s it was a team effort to make sure no one was missing their rounds. The team as a whole shared in many round victories on Sunday, but it was Jeremy Teasley who became virtually unstoppable with two wins and two runner-up finishes in Top Gas, Street Fighter, Crazy Comp and Street ET.

This stellar Sunday performance has given him an eight-point lead on number two points holder, Tom Klemme. It was all smiles when JTR rolled out of the track on Sunday headed to a traditional victory dinner paid by the winner!

Tom Klemme, a name known by all in the sportsman ranks, is someone you never want in the other lane. He is a seasoned veteran racer and one of the toughest sportsman racers around. He has won a lot of events this year, but luckily for everyone, they were not all events that qualified for the BAMF series. Tom holds onto the #2 spot with a one-point lead over #3 Dustin Lee.

The Teasley show is already on the road and headed to Virginia Motorsports Park for the XDA MTC Engineering Summer Nationals. Will Jeremy leave with the same strong lead as he arrived with? Place your bets now.



If you need decals, e-mail your address to bamf@dragbike.com, and they will be sent FREE of charge.

POSRiderPointsWinsR/UChampionshipsEvent Tracking
1Jeremy Teasley (2014 BAMF)51976Man Cup 01 SC W - XDA 01 560 W C8 RU - Man Cup 02 SC RU - NHDRO 02 TG W - NHDRO 03 CC RU SF RU TG W SET W - Man Cup 03 SF RU - XDA 04 560 W - NHDRO 04 SET RU - NHDRO 04 TG W - XDA 05 C8 W - XDA C8 560 Champ - NHDRO 05 SET W TG W - NHDRO 06 SET RU - NHDRO TG Champ - NHDRO SET Champ - Man Cup TG - SC Champ
2Dustin Lee (2015-17 BAMF)26562NHDRO 01 C8 W SET RU - XDA 01 C8 W - NHDRO 02 PET RU - XDA 04 560 RU - XDA 04 SET W* - NHDRO 04 SET W* - XDA 05 TS RU - XDA SET Champ - NHDRO 05 TG RU - NHDRO C8 Champ - NHDRO 06 C8 W - Man Cup 05 SC RU
3John Markham21243NHDRO 04 PET RU - I65 03 SC W - NHDRO 05 SC RU SF RU - I65 TG Champ SC Champ - NHDRO 06 SC RU - NHDRO 06 SET W - NHRA Champ
4Ron Arnold16431NHDRO 03 CC W - NHDRO 04 SF W - NHDRO 04 C8 W - NHDRO 05 SET RU* - NHDRO 06 SC W C8 RU - NHDRO 06 ET RU - NHDRO SC Champ
5Dale Hamilton15311XDA 03 PET W* - XDA 04 PET W* - XDA 05 PET RU* - XDA PET Champ - NHRA ROC Div 1
6Bob Carlson14412BIV 02 9B Win - BIV Aug SET W - XDA 05 TS W - XDA 05 PET W* - BIV 9B Champ - Man Cup 05 SF RU
7Donnie Huffman13411AMRA 01 E RU SE W - AMRA SE W - AMRA Aug SE W - AMRA Oct SE W - AMRA SE Champ
8Dusty Brazel12122Man Cup 01 SET RU C8 RU - Man Cup 02 ET W - Man Cup C8 -SET Champ
9Bruce Damewood10221NHDRO 04 SC RU PET W - NHRA Div 3 ROC W - Route 66 Champ - NHDRO 05 PET RU
10Jeremy England1012NHDRO 01 SF W - Kil-Kare Track Champ - NHDRO SF Champ
11Kevin Adams94Man Cup 03 SF W - NHDRO 02 SET W - NHDRO 05 SF W SET W*
12Ashon Dickerson821BIV SET 01 W - BIV 02 PET W - BIV SET Champ
13Roy Johnson821Man Cup 01 SF W - XDA 01 SET W - Man Cup SF Champ
14Rick Miller821AMRA 01 PE W - AMRA Oct PE W - AMRA PE Champ
15David Coremus82AMRA TE Champ - AMRA SP Champ
16Ron Blake7111BIV July PET W - BIV Aug PET RU - BIV PET Champ
17Ralph Medrano Jr7111Man Cup 02 PET RU - Man Cup 03 PET W - Man Cup PET Champ
18Tom Klemme63I65 01 TG W - I65 02 SC W - NHDRO 03 PET W
19Wilson Burkhead611XDA 03 TS W - XDA TS Champ
20Andy Horn611AMRA Aug SG W - AMRA SG Champ
21Austin Bridge52XDA 04 SET W* - XDA 05 SET W
22Mac McAdams52XDA 04 TS W - XDA 05 PET W*
23Mike Hall513NHDRO 02 TG RU - NHDRO 03 PET RU - NHDRO 06 PET W PET RU
24Ricardo Marte42Man Cup 01 TG W PET W
25Ronnie Legault412BIV SET 01 RU - BIV 02 SET W - BIV July PET RU
26Dana Mack411XDA 03 PET RU* - SET W
27Shaun Bizette411Man Cup 02 SET W - NHDRO 04 SET RU*
28Ben Knight421BIV July SET W - BIV Sept W
29Richard Gadson42XDA 03 460 W - XDA 05 460 W
30Duane Jackson42XDA 04 C8 W - XDA 05 SET W
31Doug Fisher412NHDRO 01 PET RU - NHDRO 02 PET W - NHDRO 05 PET RU
32Mike Konopacki42NHDRO 05 PET W PET W
33Joe Rodney41I65 460 Champ
34Bob Bradley42BIV 03 SET W - BIV Oct PET W
35Jeff Lindeman41NHDRO 460 Champ
36Joe Deck412NHDRO 06 PET RU - Man Cup 05 TG RU - Man Cup 05 PET W
37Tony Mullen 41Man Cup 460 Champ
38Josh Engle41AMRA E Champ
39Stephen Knight 311NHDRO 01 SET W C8 RU
40Tylan Beckelheimer311NHDRO 02 C8 W - Man Cup 03 SC RU
41Thomas Cole311NHDRO 03 PET W - NHDRO 04 PET RU
42Boo Brown32XDA 01 460 RU - XDA 04 SET RU*
43Bill Bair31XDA 04 PET W*
44Garreth Sheppeard311NHDRO 01 PET W - NHDRO 02 SET RU
45Tony Davis31NHRA Div 4 W
46Rickey Kay31NHRA Div 4 ROC W
47Jeremy Hicks31NHRA Div 3 W
48Ryan Beardsley311BIV 03 SET RU - BIV Oct SET W
49Eddie Doherty21Man Cup 01 C8 W
50Ed Ruffin21Man Cup 01SET W
51Michael Thyen21XDA 01 460 W
52Hank Lovett21XDA 01 TS W
53Brian Guarino21XDA 01 PET W
54Donny Anderson21BIV PET W
55Courtney Wheeler21I65 02 TG W
56Lee Tanner21AMRA 01 E W
57Paul Lowe21AMRA 01 SG W
58Nick Johnson21PMRA 01 SC W
59Spencer Claycomb21Man Cup 02 SC RU
60Robin Procopio21Man Cup 02 PET W
61Brian Dale21Man Cup 02 PET W
62Tyler Fisher21NHDRO 03 SF W
63Cameron Teasley21NHDRO 02 SF W
64Ted Thompason21NHDRO 02 ET W
65Scott McGrath21BIV 03 PET W
66Vince Hileman22NHDRO 01 SF RU - NHDRO 04 SF RU
67Mark Coulson21Man Cup 03 SC W
68Wes Hawkins21XDA 04 460 W
69Jim Shifflett21XDA 04 PET RU*
70Mike Schulz21XDA 04 SET RU*
71Homer England21NHDRO 04 SET W
72Ronnie Woodall Sr21NHDRO 04 PET W
73Ken Selner21NHDRO 04 SC W
74Randy Parker21Man Cup 04 SET W
75Brian Babiak21NHDRO 02 PET W
76Darrell Aubin21BIV Sept PET W
77Nick Mazeika21BIV Aug PET W
78Jim Mauro21XDA 05 560 W
79Jerry Turner21XDA 05 PET RU*
80Kevin Gauntt21AMRA Aug E W
81Frank DiNapeli21AMRA Aug PE W
82Dalton Perry21I65 03 TG W
83Gordon Johnson21I65 03 460 W
84Rickey Bobby21NHRA Div 4 RU
85Mike Hudson21NHRA Div 4 ROC RU
86Mike Krueger21NHRA Div 3 RU
87Joe Novak Sr21NHRA Div 3 ROC RU
88Andy Frame21NHDRO 05 SC W
89Shane Stevens Jr21NHDRO 05 C8 W
90Scott Sheppeard21NHDRO 06 PER W
91Jason Drnach21NHDRO 06 SET W
92Butch Norwood21Man Cup 05 SF W
93David Fletcher21Man Cup 05 SC W
94Nicklas Bowling21Man Cup 05 TG W
95Barry Pryer21Man Cup 05 C8 W
96Ken Strauss21Man Cup 05 VT W
97Garvey Werleman21Man Cup 05 SET W
98Chris Hoppe21AMRA Oct SG W
99Joe Peterson21AMRA Oct E W
100Tony Harris11NHDRO 03 PET RU
101Harvey Hubbard11Man Cup 01 PET RU
102Stanley Russell11Man Cup 01 SF RU
103Sam Hurwitz11Man Cup TG RU
104Shawn Welch11Man Cup SC RU
105Ted Harvey11XDA 01 560 RU
106Jay Windsor11XDA 01 TS RU
107Mike Schulz11XDA 01 PET RU
108Jeff Sweeney11XDA 01 SET RU
109Pete Bielman11BIV SET RU
110Walter Houghtaling11BIV PET RU
111Deboris Jones11I65 01 TG RU
112Brian Bolton11I65 02 TG RU
113Megan Bowers11I65 02 SC RU
114Kim DeShields11AMRA 01 PE RU
115John Bradley11AMRA 01 SE RU
116Steven Matthews11AMRA 01 SG RU
117John Hastings11BIV 02 9B RU
118Donnie Hookway11BIV 02 PET RU
119Patrick Jones11BIV 02 SET RU
120Alan Martin11PMRA 01 SC RU
121Chris Roesle11Man Cup 02 PET RU
122Bob Burt11Man Cup 02 SET RU
123Janrei Thompson11Man Cup 02 SET RU
124Bradley Shellhaas11NHDRO 03 TG RU
125Wes Brown11NHDRO 03 SET W
126Eric Yost11NHDRO 03 SET RU
127Jeremy Murphy11NHDRO 03SET RU
128Jeff Hall11NHDRO 02 SF RU
129Gary Russell11BIV 03 PET RU
130Joe Ferraro11BIV July SET RU
131Tim Shelton11XDA 03 460 RU
132George Shriver11XDA 03 TS RU
133Pablo Ganzalez11XDA 03 SET RU
134Mike Chongris11XDA 04 460 RU
135James Farmer11XDA 04 TS RU
136CJ Fair11XDA 04 C8 RU
137David Ashton11XDA 04 PET RU
138Travis Kotz11NHDRO 04 C8 RU
139Heath McQuinn11NHDRO 04 TG RU
140D Ferguson11BIV Sept PET RU
141Adam Sheran11BIV Sept SET RU
142Edythe Decker11BIV Aug SET RU
143Michael Ostrowski11XDA 05 460 RU
144Freddy Frazier11XDA 05 560 RU
145Boo Brown11XDA 05 C8 RU
146Shayne Proctor11XDA 05 SET RU
147Derrick Milbourne11XDA 05 SET RU
148Gary Degrange11AMRA Aug E RU
149J Vanfleet11AMRA Aug SE RU
150T Mason11AMRA Aug PE RU
151T Phillips11AMRA Aug SG RU
152Dalton Markham11I65 03 SC W
153Broderick Jackson11I65 03 460 W
154Brandon Pellichino11NHDRO 05 SET RU
155Murray Lonsbary11NHDRO 05 C8 RU
156Andre Roche11BIV Oct PET RU
157George Thompson11BIV Oct SET RU
158Clark Proctor11Man Cup 05 C8 RU
159Vance Houdyshell11Man Cup 05 VT RU
160Adam Konopacki11Man Cup 05 PET RU
161Stacy Smith11Man Cup 05 SET RU
162B Conley11AMRA Oct PE RU
163B Maier11AMRA Oct SG RU
164Ryan Thibant11AMRA Oct RU

2018 Dragbike.com BAMF Sponsors

The DBC-BAMF Cash Reward is funded 100% from our sponsors. Please support the companies that support your sport.

Platinum Fleet Repair
Contributing $1,000.00


MPS Racing

MPS – Motorcycle Performance Specialties
Contributing $500.00

Rob Bush Motorsports
Contributing $250.00

NHDRO No Hatin Racing

Contributing $250.00

Schnitz Racing

Schnitz Racing
Contributing $250.00

Interstate Specialties

Interstate Specialties Services
Contributing $250.00

Contributing $250.00

Web cam shafts

Web Cam Racing Cams
Contributing $100.00



Total Payout $ 2,850.00

2018 Dragbike.com BAMF Rules and Information

DBC-BAMF points are earned by final round appearances of any event listed within our schedule below. In the effort to keep the point tracking simple and fair, “BAMF Points” will be awarded based on a formula that involves the type of event, event size, and national recognition. Competitors of sanctioned events listed below do not need to do anything to sign up for the program, we will automatically reward points throughout the season to winners and runner-ups at events on the DBC-BAMF schedule. At the end of the year, points will determine the DBC-BAMF Sportsman Racer of the Year.  See additional rules below.

SANCTIONED EVENTS – Win: 2 – R/U: 1 – Champion:4

I-65 SDRS / 4.60 – TG -SC (7 events)

AMRA  / TE – SG – SP – PE – SE – E – OS – HS – D (8 events)

Bikes in the Valley / PET – SET – 9B (8 events)

XDA / TS – C8 – 4.60 – 5.60 – PET – SET (6 events)

MAN CUP / 4.60 – TG – SC – C8 – SF – PET – SET – VT (5 events)

NHDRO / 4.60 – TG – SC – C8 – SF – PET – SET (7 events)

PMRA / TG – SC – SG – SS – PET – SET (6 events)

NHRA Harley-Davidson Series  / HS – PG – SEP

NHRA Divisional Champ and NHRA Race of Champions Winners

Division 1 – Division 7  – Win: 3 R/U: 2

NHRA Year End Pro Bike Champion – Win: 5

Track Championship – Win: 3 (Any U.S. Track)


  • CASH – Winner Take All. There is no second place BAMF. (Splitting is frowned upon.)
  • Dragbike.com will be providing the champion with a one-of-a-kind Trophy created by COLD HARD ART


  • All classes must have a minimum of 16 bikes to earn points for that event.
  • All classes that have 8 or more rounds of competition will earn the winner and runner-up a bonus point.
  • Year-end series champions also earn 4 bonus points.
  • Participants MUST have the Dragbike.com decal on their bike all year to be eligible for year-end prize, photo proof required. E-mail us your address if you need them.
  • In the event of a tie for the top spot, we will then take into consideration the following criteria, series championship(s), event wins and how many different classes the racer has garnered points in.
  • Track Champions are responsible for emailing us notification of their championship along with proof to bamf@dragbike.com. Track points programs must be well documented all year on the track website.

Questions/Comments should be sent to bamf@dragbike.com


2015-2017 Champion – Dustin Lee


2014 Champion – Jeremy Teasley