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Dragbike.com BAMF : Who has the Odds to win?

Dragbike.com BAMF


As I fly across the country today, I can’t help but reflect on the Dragbike.com BAMF competition. This National point’s structure was developed to determine the number one sportsman motorcycle drag racer in the country. Encompassing every major series but yet still counting racers local proving grounds, a points system was created and monitored throughout the year. Most people don’t even realize the thought and effort put into making this whole concept a reality, as it was quite the undertaking. I don’t even think Brandi herself thought it would reach the level it did in just its first year.

Many great companies and people responded positively to the idea and before it was even well known, over a $1,000 was already contributed by sponsors to the winner take all purse. Midway through the year as the competition started to take shape and some of the well known racers became “well aware” of its existence, sponsorship had already topped $2,000. As racers travel down to Valdosta (and some to Pomona) for what most would consider the final race(s) of the year, the Dragbike.com National Champion will receive a custom made Cold Hard Art Trophy (Valued at over $600, but truly priceless) in addition to the now whopping $3,300 put up by all the awesome sponsors who jumped on board.

I’m on my way to California and as I travel I’ve finally realized the significance of my 2014 race season and how this Dragbike.com concept has relit a fire under motorcycle drag racing. I’m currently tied for 2nd in the NATION in the point standings. My race season is over, so I can’t move up in standings, but no matter what happens this weekend I will most likely finish top 5 in the NATION for the year. I capitalized nation as I think it’s important to consider the amount of people this program encompasses. I’m excited and proud to even be mentioned amongst the other riders at the top and can’t wait for 2015. This program is constantly being discovered by more and more racers (If you didn’t know about it, then you don’t do your due diligence and visit Dragbike.com enough!) and it has really made racers get out and race more, which is the biggest positive we could have for the sport.

So, who will become the Inaugural Dragbike.com National Champion? Stealing a play from Bob Carlson’s playbook, I will do my best “Vegas Odds”, as Bob did prior to the final MIROCK race a few weeks ago (Note: Ron Arnold originally thought Dragbike.com posted those “odds” and was disappointed at the odds he was given…. I later informed him that Bob did it for fun on Facebook and Brandi had nothing to do with it).

Jeremy Teasley is currently leading with 27 points, Ron Arnold is tied for second 3 points back at 24 (I’m tied with Ron at 24 but done racing) and Bob Carlson is back in 4th with 20 points. These three racers are the only ones who theoretically have a chance to win. In regards to possible championships being won this weekend (4 points per championship) here’s how it could play out:

Jeremy Teasley is only in contention for one championship (8.88)

Ron Arnold “on paper” has a shot at four championships (Street ET, 9.50, 8.90, & 8.88), however only two of them are within a reasonable striking distance (Street ET & 8.90)

Bob Carlson “on paper” has a shot at four championships (Street ET, Pro ET, 9.50, & 8.88), however only two of them are within a reasonable striking distance (Street ET & 8.88)

Here is what I would consider the biggest wild card of the weekend…. Who will outright win a race(s) or make it to multiple finals (2 points for a race win, 1 for runner up).

You’re down to arguably the greatest rider of all time battling it out with two veterans of the sport who have each been racing ever since Jeremy was born.

Since these are “Vegas Odds”, I’ll be considering the rumor that the legend Doug Gall (who is currently leading the 8.88 points championship) will not be in attendance. So, without further ado:

Jeremy Teasley: 2-1
Ron Arnold: 3-1
Bob Carlson: 6-1

*Note* The last part of this article is all in good fun! Please be sure to thank Brandi of Dragbike.com for spearheading this amazing concept and also reach out to the great sponsors listed below who contributed to the winners purse.

Ben Knight

Click here to see the complete Dragbike.com BAMF points standings.

– Ben Knight


Purse $3,300.00

posting $400.00

posting $300.00

posting $300.00

posting $250.00

posting $250.00

posting $250.00

posting $250.00


posting $250.00

posting $200.00

posting $200.00

posting $200.00

posting $100.00

posting $100.00
posting $100.00
Rob Bush Motorsports
posting $100.00

Click here to see the complete Dragbike.com BAMF points standings

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