Dragbike.com – Bringing History Back

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Dragbike.com is embarking on a long-awaited project. We finally moved Matt Polito’s old photos out of storage and to an undisclosed location. These photos predate the digital era and are in slide format. Matt’s photos date from 1989 to 2002 and capture some of the greatest moments of motorcycle drag racing.

We are excited to start the scanning process so that we can bring them to the digital era, and share them with our viewers. Here are a few images Matt pulled out of the boxes to give you just a taste of what he has.

Dave Schultz – 1991

Bob Malloy – 1993

Tony ‘The Tiger’ Lang and Larry ‘Spiderman’ McBride

Gainesville 1994 – Billy Vose, Elmer Trett, Dave Schultz, and Neal Lane.

Bill Saur and Brock Davidson

Dave Schnitz and Keith Lynn

John Meyers 1991

Larry McBride – Look #1

Larry McBride – Look #2