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Dream Chaser Racin’ : AMRA Bowling Green Report

Dream Chaser Racin’

AMRA Bowling Green Report

Janette Thornley and her Dream Chaser Racin’ team have gone through some changes since the 2016 season close. If it’s even possible, the team shows more determination and drive then before. Why? “Well”, says Janette, owner and operator of her 2015 Nitro burning Pro Fuel, “I left my corporate job in December and started my own business, we have added some new marketing partnerships and lastly I want to grow this sport, and share with others that dreams do come true!”.

This past weekend in Bowling Green KY, the team brought home the trophy along with bragging rights of number one qualifier, low ET and top speed for the weekend. “This was our first Bowling Green event”, said Thornley “and what a great experience we had! Of course running well helps but AMRA does a great job and the track was prepped well.”

Since the team had never raced in Bowling Green tuner Buddy Foss prepared a tune-up based on like conditions from another track. On Saturday, qualifying round one was a solid pass, running a 7.387 et at 172.78 mph. Hot and humid made tuning a challenge so only a slight change was made for qualifying round two. The team had another strong pass, running a 7.370 et at 170.84 mph. The team decided to sit out for qualifying round three due to the heat.

The ladder is set with a six bike field and Janette is paired with number six qualifier George Elliott. Round one eliminations George did not make the call, so Janette ran a single. Her pass wasn’t clean and straight like Saturdays, it was more like taking the long way which scrubbed off some time and she ran a 7.403 et at 171.90 mph. With a six bike field, Thornley knew if she got past round one she would receive a bye for the semis. The team approached the round with expected results of a quicker pass than the previous one and they delivered! Running a 7.294 et at 168.35 mph, the team was exited the motorcycle was happy and outperforming the others. As all competitions go, you can never count anyone out and as we entered the finals, Thornley was paired with Keith Kelley of Tennessee Thunder Racing. “Keith is one of the best on the tree” said Thornley, “I get butterflies before every pass but this one especially knowing Keith could tree the heck out of me.” As suspected, Kelly had a .006 light to Janette’s .153, but Dream Chaser Racin’ grabs the W. Running a 7.248 et at 171.16 mph vs. 7.546 et at 167.01 mph in the finals.

“After a challenging weekend in Baton Rouge our first race of the year, this win was a huge success for me and my husband; WE did this together and 100% on our own!” said Janette with tears in her eyes. “Yes, I’m an emotional person and milestones like this mean a lot to us.”

We look forward to supporting the AMRA, www.amraonline.com, the rest of the season and may take in a few other races throughout the year if we can fit them in to our budget and schedule.

Thank you to our returning sponsor partnerships: LAT Racing Oils www.latracingoils.com, Purple Slice www.purpleslice.net, Quality Printing www.qualityptg.com Great to add to 2017 sponsor partners Matt Smith Racing and VP Racing Fuels www.VPRacingFuels.com

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