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EDRS: Coverage of Tierp by Marcus Möller

Coverage of Tierp by Marcus Möller

Tierp Internationals 2018 where held at the famous Tierp Arena located just an hour north of Stockholm from the 7th to the 10th of June. The weather was relatively hot, about 80-84 degrees F in the air during the days. It was the first round of four in the EDRS Pro MC (European Dragracing Series Pro Motorcycle Championship).

Rikard Gustavsson went bullseye this weekend. Top qualifier, lowest ET of the weekend and backed up EDRS record 5.81 and winner of the event!

Top Fuel Bike had 5 participants, both the mainly blown and nitro-powered bikes and turbocharged Funny Bikes. Sverre Dahl from Norway made a stunning new personal best straight off the trailer, 5.92 and 209 mph wich made him top qualifier after that round with Rikard Gustavsson right after with a 6.17. That 6.17 run by Rikard was about to be his highest ET when the event was over! Rikards following qualification runs: Q2 5.84, Q3 5.81, Q4 5,94! Thomas Pettersson became the quickest Funny Bike with his 6.73/191mph. Jan-Sturla Hegre had a good weekend of testing out big changes on the bike but got defeated on a holeshot by Thomas Pettersson in the first round of eliminations. Sverre Dahl had to shut of in E1 and Peter Andersson got a bye run. In the final round of Top Fuel Bike where Rikard G faced Peter Andersson and his Funny Bike and Rikard ended up as the winner with 6.06 to Peter’s 7.36. Rikard got a real jackpot, top qualifier, new nordic backed up ET record and winner of the event!

Super Twin Top Fuel Bike

Super Twin Top Fuel Bike had 14 participants who fought about 8 spots! Wich went into a real battle in the very first round of qualifying with 3 riders in the 6’s from start! Hans-Olav Olstad 6.31, Marcus Christiansen 6.56, Lasse Leponiemi 6.66. In the second round young Marcus Christiansen from Denmark improved to 6.47 and 221mph on his Pro Stock Bike-stylish Top Fuel Harley! Anders Hörnström got the third spot with a strong 6.50/208mph. Our tall ‘flying finn’ Samu Kemppainen kept his front wheel in the air down to the 1000-ft and took the fourth spot with a 6.65/201mph! Trond Hoiberget from Norway hired a seat by Juha Hintukainen on the bike that Jim Page has been competing within the USA recently. Q2 was Trond’s and Juha’s first run with Trond as a new driver on a new track but that didn’t seems to bother at all, a smooth and strong 6,90/175mph gave them the sixth spot! In Q3 Samu and Trond repeated their previous runs, just slightly slower. Anders improved to from his 6.50 to 6.48.

Greger Joahnsson on his brand new bike! Same engine and transmission etc in a complete new frame.

Greger Johansson has been building a complete new bike with a new stronger frame and Q4 was the first actual run with the new bike, not very straight and feathering the throttle and lift off before the 1/8th ended up in 8.13/161mph and at the 1/8th the clocks stopped at 5.26/136mph.

Roman Sixta from the Czech Republic claimed the 8th spot with 6.96/200mph! Trond Hoiberget improved to 6.74/198mph. 
Vesa Lipponen from Finland, riding a Jaska Salakari bike went to the top of the list with one mean 6.31/196mph! Vesa had 1.04 to the 60-fot and 4.08/185mph at the 1/8th!

The fifth and last round of qualifying Saturday evening, Samu improved to 6.63/185mph and Lasse Leponiemi went 6.62/192. Marcus Christiansen made a strong 6.39/220mph, 4,19/180mph at the 1/8th! Well done! Roman Sixta was still on the bumpspot when Q5 where finished with his 6.96. Outside the ladder we had Svein-Olav Rolfstad(NOR) 7.14, Torsti Kettula 7.43(FIN), Per Bengtsson 7.73(SWE), Greger Johansson 8.13(SWE), Kristin Hegre 8.15(NOR), Teemu Kettula 10.36(FIN).

E1: Vesa defeated Roman, 6.75 to 7.45. Lasse defeated Anders, 8.19 to 8.30. Svein-Olav came in as an alternate when Hans-Olav couldnt make it due to huge engine damage. Svein-Olav defeated Trond, 6.42 to Svein-Olav and no time for Trond since his motor stopped right on the hit. 
Samu gave the win to Marcus with a -0.261 redlight. ET’s where Marcus 9.62 and Samu 7.83!

E2: Vesa defeated Lasse, 6.45 to 6.84. Marcus defeated Svein-Olav and once again went into the 6,3s! 6.37/217mph and 4.15/181mph to the 1/8th!

Vesa Lipponen borrowed the seat on a Jaska Salakari bike and rode it to 6,30 as quickest!

E3: Vesa Lipponen defeated Marcus Christiansen, 6.30/203mph to Marcus 6.41/214mph! Quickest side-by-side in Europe! Awesome show, congratulations Vesa!


Super Street Bike

Super Street Bike had 15 contestants going to a 16-ladder! When the 5th run was to the end the top order where: Mogens Lund 6.98, Vesa Ruhanen 7.12, Mathias Bohlin 7.17, Anders Blanck 7.30, Robert Nilsson 7.34, Björn Friström 7.45, Alex Hope 7.514 and Kim Hilander 7.516 on the 8th spot.

Alex Hope from Great Britain nailed a 7.51/199mph in the qualifications.

E1: Mogens Lund on a bye run, 8.40/144mph. Mark Hope defeated Kim Hilander, 7.77 to 8.31. Anders Blanck defeated Roberth Häggblom 7.69. Robert Nilsson defeated Ida Zetterström, 7.31 to 7.63. Arvid Gerdtsson had Vesa Ruhanen but got a bye run, 7.35 for Arvid. Alex Hope defeated Bianca Nilsson, 7.35 to 7.72. Mathias Bohlin had Micke Ölen but also got a bye run, Mathias showed his muscles, 7.15/204! Kimmo Pulakka defeated Björn Friström, 8.41 to 8.70

E2: Mogens Lund defeated Mark Hope, 7.13 to 7.64. Robert Nilsson defeated Anders Blanck 7.23 to 7.51. Alex Hope defeated Vesa Ruhanen, 7.25 to 7.39. Mathias Bohlin defeated Kimmo Pulakka, 7.17 to 7.79.

Mogens Lund from Denmark where the only Super Street Bike who got into the 6’s this weekend.

E3: Mogens Lund defeated Robert Nilsson, 7.13 to 7.18. Mathias Bohlin defeated Alex Hope, 7.14 to 10.73. 
E4/Final: Mathias Bohlin defeated Mogens Lund, 7.13 to 7.61. Congratulations Mathias!


Photo Highlights

Jan-Sturla Hegre and the Uggerud Bros(bike owners and crew) had a great weekend testing out new stuff on their bike, new PB of 6.15 and Jan-Sturla could clearly feel the addition of power!


Roman Sixta from the Czech Republic got the bump spot with a 6.96/200mph!


Robert Nilsson made several new PB’s and his lowest ET was set in the semifinal against Mogens, 7.18! Well done!


Lineup for the semifinals!


Per Bengtsson was back at the seat on his “The Beast”, just testing some short numbers. The ambition is to continue the operation together with Tommy Grimes as driver.


Anders Hörnström didnt really reached his normal level of performance this weekend.


Bianca NIlsson became the first swedish female to go into 7’s in Super Stret Bike! 7.95, 7.75, 7.66 in qualifications then 7.72 in E1. Congratulations!


Juha Hintukainen brought the bike that Jim Page has been running “home” to Sweden. Main reason is that Juha is going to rebuild a couple of things then back to the US. Trond Hoiberget was riding at Tierp and Tak Shigematzu will come over to ride it in Hockenheim, Germany later this summer!


Marcus and his famous father called “Speedy” and their home built “sit up”-bike, also called the Pro Stock Fueler has shown great and consistent performance. And as you can see Marcus is a determined racer!

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