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Electric Dragbike 1/4 Mile World Record at Santa Pod Raceway

report written by Hans-Henrik Thomsen

True Cousins Break the Electric Dragbike Record

The Danish drag racing team, True Cousins ​​and their electric motorcycle Silver Lightning have broken the Electric Record at Santa Pod Raceway during the event “NOT The Euro Finals” event September 11-13, 2020. The bike, Silver Lightning, was built by  Glenn E. Nielsen with Hans-Henrik Thomsen was the pilot.

Here, in the 3rd last attempt (out of 9 possible) managed to break the 8-year-old record over 1/4-mile (402 m) for electric vehicles, which sounded at 6.94 sec. The driver was, as always, Hans-Henrik Thomsen, while it is Glenn E. Nielsen who has built the speed monster on lithium batteries, Silver Lightning.


But there was not much to suggest that it would turn into a record after the first 6 attempts on Friday and Saturday. Best time until then was 7.15 sec. and the characteristics of the track were very different from the tracks that the team is used to driving on in Sweden. The phenomenon of “bull shake” (the rear wheel deforms and jumps) helped to bring Silver Lightning too far to the side of the track while there were violent tremors the first 200 m down the track – both were an obstacle to getting further down in time.

Tire shakes can be quite difficult to get rid of, so good advice was expensive, but luckily the 10-time European Champion in Top Fuel Bike, Ian King, came to the rescue team. It was now not entirely coincidental, as Hans-Henrik had already before the trip to England agreed to get the legend past in the pit for all intents and purposes.



All in all, a huge result, which again shows that with ingenuity, technical ingenuity and a great deal of perseverance, Danes can assert themselves in the world in many different ways. True Cousins ​​started 12 years ago with the first small motorcycle with 2 pcs 12 volt lead batteries and an output of 12 kW – Silver Lightning is approx. 100 times more powerful with its 1.2 MW (1,200 kW) battery pack.

In 7 weeks (over 2 events) the team has improved their fastest time from 7.80 to 6.86, which is almost 1 second, which is a completely wild achievement in itself. And now the fastest on electricity in this part of the universe – there is still 1.36 sec to the fastest on internal combustion engine, Top Fuel Bikes, where the record is 5.50 sec. But time will tell us when and how far you can get down.

Pre-Race Report

We are going with Silver Lightning to Santa Pod on the 11th-13th. sept. and try to take the world records above them all: 6.94 sec. see the prelude here:

Silver Lightning with new engines and 350 V sets the second-fastest time ever for a 1/4-mile electric vehicle with 7.08 sec. during Drag Revival at Mantorp Park. This was an improvement over last year’s version (with 250 V) by 0.72 sec.
During the same run, the fastest exit speed ever came after 1/8-mile at 262.5 km / h and at the same time a new PB for ET of 4.61 sec.

The next goal, of course, is to go for the top record of them all: the 6.94 sec record from 2012, set by Larry “Spiderman” McBride. We hope that the planned trip to Santa Pod in September can be completed despite the Corona situation.

This pass by the True Cousins latest build, The Silver Lightning from 2019, is the second quickest ever and only 0,14 sec from the record – how long will the it stand? True Cousins is trying to take on the OVER ALL world record for electric drag racing vehicles that has been standing since 2012 – the 6.94 sec pass set by Larry McBride on the Lawless sponsored The Rocket. More teams in USA are chasing the same goal – who will get there first?

Learn more about the True Cousins Racing team at www.truecousins.dk and watch more videos on their YouTube Channel.

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