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Elite 4.60 – 2024 Schedule

Elite 4.60

Elite 4.60 2024 Schedule

The 2024 Season schedule is set for for the Elite 4.60 Index racers. As season events approach, contact Robbie Hunnicutt or visit the Facebook Group for more information.

  • March 30 / DK Racing Rise of Greatness / MIR
  • April 18-19 / XDA / MIR
  • May 10- 11 / Carolina NT / Rockingham
  • May 17-19 / XDA / VMP
  • May 30 – June 2 / King of the Creek / MIR (Features Big Money Race/ DoublePoints)*
  • June 28-30 / XDA / MIR
  • July 5-6 / Strange Engineering Street Car Shootout / Cecil County Dragway
  • July 26-28 / XDA / MIR
  • Aug 23-25 / XDA / VMP
  • Sept 5-8 / King of the Creek 2 / MIR (Double Points)
  • Sept 12-14 / Shakedown Nationals XXII / VMP (Non-Points)
  • October 4-6 / XDA / MIR
  • October 20 / DK Racing Autumn Grudge Finale / MIR – 4.60 CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS FINALS
  • OCT 26-27 / Carolina NT Halloween Extravaganza  / Piedmont Dragway (Non-Points)

King of the Creek event at Maryland International Raceway in the BIG MONEY race on Friday. (This is a bonus race and not required to participate in event race.)

BIG MONEY ENTRY: $1000 with 100% Payback!

Pre-entered by 4th race of the season. Only 32 spots are available! – Entry $225 non-refundable (payments can be made prior to event) CLICK HERE TO PRE-ENTER (payout based on total entries as always) All pairings are drawn out of bag- NO CALLOUTS FOR THIS RACE ONLY

Saturday and Sunday Event
The entry for the regular race is $300, which is not included in the BIG MONEY RACE.

Friday – 1 qualifier for all entries and then Big Money RACE eliminations
Saturday – 2 rounds of qualifying 1st round Saturday night ( if for any reason this could be pushed to Sunday)
Sunday – Eliminations (Call outs allowed- chip drawings )
Anyone with bracket bikes can also enter the race to run with the cars for big payouts also.

Elite 4.60 Rules

  1. Qualifying is used for qualifying points and call-out steals( example. If #3 calls out # 5 and #2 decides to steal the call out they can, and #3 would go back into the bag for chip draw), the higher qualifying spot takes preference. We will start the callouts with the lowest qualified rider, with #1 being the last to call out or steal.
  2. Each round will start with callouts based on qualifying orders; a call-out can not be refused after these are done, the riders will draw chips for final pairings. Callouts will go out 1st, followed by pairings.
  3. No rider can have more then one earned BYE run. This does not include broke BYE runs.
  4. Each rider will use their best 10 races toward the points championship.
  5. Riders receive 5 extra points for each round won if it’s a call-out race.
  6. Riders receive 11 points for entering race and we will follow points structure for XDA races depending on entry number.
  7. Once a rider has entered the race and has made a qualifying pass, there are NO REFUNDS given of any kind. Only way refund is given is if no qualifying attempts were made.
  8. Lane choice goes to a higher qualifier throughout the race

As the season goes on if things come up that we as a group feel we need to address and make a rule that is something the group will decide…….

For more information on events, click here to visit the facebook group.

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