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Fast by Gast: Man Cup World Finals Race Report

Fast by Gast: Man Cup World Finals Race Report

Man Cup presented by Vance & Hines
43rd annual FuelTech World Finals presented by Kibblewhite and Wiseco
South Georgia Motorsports Park
November 20-25, 2019

Pro Mod

This was the season of seasons for Paul Gast, undefeated in Man Cup and the world record set at 3.94 seconds. Riding this FBG powered bad boy is definitely a blast. Thanks go to Besim Orgic our FBG master machinist. This is the cat that fixes all your heads. Nobody better, period! Besim is also the guy that ports Paul’s heads and many others.
John “Butch” Schwartz is the do-most-anything guy at FBG. He does all your carb recon jobs and much of the motor prep at FBG. Butch is also responsible for hauling the FBG rig around the country and the Paul Gast Pro Mod bike, prepping every pass, there can’t be a better-prepped bike in drag racing. Thanks, Butch!

FBG only uses the best possible parts available. Thanks go to….

• Bill Robinson of Robinson Industries
• Dan Wagner
• Timblin Chassis
• Lectron Carbs
• Schnitz Racing Firestorm
• Ed Grothus
• MTC Pistons & Clutch
• NX Nitrous Systems
• Mickey Thompson Tires
• Mann Hill Garage paint

Okay, okay, I’ll give myself a little pat on the back. Sometimes I even tune okay, and I suppose ride okay too. The amazing Promod competition pushes me to be my best. I try hard, real hard, every pass. You beat the red bike, you’ve beat my best effort.

Behind the scenes….
My sweet wife Dana, yes, the one I always brag about! Heather keeps things tight in the office, very sharp girl! Patrick, most of you know him. He’s the phone guy, Pat gets your orders straight, most of the time (LOL!) Maggie Rose, my puppy, a sweeter creature does not exist. Love her? Look at my bike! Butch’s Karen, thanks for your support and all you do.

Calvin Blanden, talk about a FBG supporter. Poor Calvin cut his hand at the track, no blood, FBG decals dripped out! Nothing I wouldn’t do for Calvin.

Oh yeah, the race! I arrived early to test, did not happen. Was crazy busy setting up, doing deliveries, and helping others. So…..for Q1 I said let’s try the 3.94 tune-up. Nope. No work. Bike was crazy hot, I should’ve known better. Detune for Q2 went 4.07 for 4th spot of 24 entries. What a great field of racers. Thanks to all for being there and supporting the cup. Q3 rain. Race day or days. 4 rounds of difficult opponents. PG was in race mode.

Ronnie zoomie in the final, he was gonna be tough for sure. I hit another lucky light and made my best run of the event. This win was great, but no time to celebrate. Quick exit for the airport.


Butch and Calvin finally got their wins. And a dandy it was. 48 bike field! Butch ran a load of 4.61’s and actually beat a dead on 4.600 from Doug Robinson in the final. Yikes! I am proud to be involved with this team and bike.

Big time thanks to Man Cup and Jay in particular. Nice season efforts and absolutely fantastic finals. I say…..you want all the races to be big-time events? If everybody comes (as Valdosta) they will be! How about starting with the Man Cup FBG Nationals at Dragway 42 next July in Ohio? You all are officially invited, please come and be a part of a fantastic event.


A huge thank you to the many FBG customers and supporters. We try hard, very hard!

Most Sincerely,

– Paul Gast

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