FOR SALE: Mike Pearce Racing Record-Setting Championship Pro Gas

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Mike Pearce Racing 2016 Record-Setting & Championship winning Pro Gas Bike – Best ET 7.693 backed up with (2) 7.72’s and 171 mph

There is still more there!

$55.000 for EVERYTHING except golf cart!


  • 160” Engine (SA Racing/Caldwell design)
  • 4.75” bore, 4.5” Stroke (w/extra flywheels)
  • CP Pistons
  • SA Racing Heads (S&S PS castings)
  • Trick Titanium Valves (w/extra set)
  • Jessel Lifters
  • S&S PS cams (w/extra set)
  • Dailey Vacuum/oil pump (w/extra belt)
  • Manton Pushrods (w/extra set)
  • Pac Valve springs (w/extra set)
  • EFI intake by Caldwell/Simon
  • SS pipes (2 sets different pipe dia.)
  • PMFR Chassis
  • PMFR aluminum wheelie bars
  • PMFR wheels
  • PMFR front End
  • PMFR 530 aluminum sprockets
  • 10X 16” Side Drive NHRA style wheel and MT slick
  • Dual 8” front & 10” rear PMFR floating rotors
  • Staging disk
  • Grimeca Brakes
  • MPS clutch lever and two step system (w/extra switches)
  • Carbon fiber body work and wheelie bar panels

MTC Gen 2 clutch:

  • Special design by Caldwell, includes spare iron frictions and steels
  • MTC Gen 2 tune up kit (Springs, lock ups, weights, shims)
  • MTC Gen II computer software
  • Digital scales for lockup weight
  • Spare belt
  • Tradition style Bandit clutch basket with MYT 6 finger Lockup, too.
  • Includes spare iron frictions and steels
  • 2 Trans, 1 in bike (for kill ignition shift)
  • 1 Dave Feazell Full Auto Trans (not used) with special extra 2nd gear sets
  • Extra shift forks with both style transmissions
  • MOTEC M130 Stand – alone EFI, IGNITION AND DATA
  • i2 Data software
  • Dual Wilson Manifold 75 MM throttle bodies
  • Bosch 044 electric fuel pump (w/extra pump)
  • Bosch injectors (w/extra set)
  • Extra sensors, O2, WOT, Cam sync, crank trigger
  • Digital tire gage, Weather station, Infrared heat gun

Built, maintained and tuned by Tom Caldwell

Contact Tom at for a more information