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GALOT Motorsports Park Bike Event 8/13

Galot Motorsports

GALOT Motorsports Park Bike Event

Attention Motorcycle Racers: Saturday August 13th will mark the return of GALOT Motorsports Park’s ALL BIKE NIGHT!!! As part of a special feature to our August race we will be offering interested racers a Powerball Lottery! The entry into the Powerball is $50.00 (in addition to your entry fee) and if you win you will receive half of the total Powerball total!!

Gates Open: 12pm
Time Runs: 2pm
Spectator Entry: $10.00

Bracket Race (Bikes Only)
$2,000.00 to win
$1,000.00 runner up
$500.00 semi final
$50.00 round money with 3rd round win.
$50.00 Re-entry (1st round only)
$60.00 Entry Fee

Heads-Up 4.60 class
$100.00 Tech Card
75% payback!

Testing Fee/ No Time Fee
$50.00 Tech Card

FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT www.galotmotorsportspark.com

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